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What is the difference between packaged food and prepackaged food

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prepackaged food (
foods), food prepackaged quantitatively or produced in packaging materials and containers, including prepackaged quantitatively and food prepackaged quantitatively in packaging materials and containers and with unified quality or volume identification within a certain range of quantity. (source: National Food Safety Standard
General rules for labeling of prepackaged food
prepackaged food is not a kind of food, but only to distinguish it from naked food. The emphasis here is on “quantitative packaging” and “non quantitative packaging directly provided to consumers”. For example, in order to prevent pollution in the transportation process, it is recommended to package fruits, vegetables, aquatic food, livestock (meat), poultry (meat), eggs, small pieces of sugar fruit, chocolate, instant fast food boxed rice, etc. in the weighing and sales of fire stores, which do not belong to pre packaged food; Raw materials and auxiliary materials used by enterprises and catering industry that do not sell directly to consumers do not belong to prepackaged food as defined in GB7718 even if they have packaging.

prepackaged food has a high degree of industrialization and standardization. The food is packaged to the smallest unit and should not be sold separately. That is, it has been packaged and can be sold directly. However, his trademark has certain requirements. In accordance with GB7718 general principles for labels of prepackaged food, the industrialization and standardization of packaged food (bulk food) is lower than that of prepackaged food. After purchasing the whole package, the seller can open it for retail sale, and sort, divide and pack it according to the specific quantity required by consumers. That is, the food can be repackaged, but the state stipulates that only a specified part of the food can be repackaged.

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