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Working principle of printing proofing machine

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What kind of proofing machine is needed for proofing before printing? The type of proofing machine is different from that of printer and printing machine

(I) working principle of proofing machine

at present, most box proofing machines include at least the following components: machine (including workbench); Electrical control and drive part; Vacuum adsorption system; Combined tool head (cutting /crimping /drawing); Graphics transmission and operating system; Some proofing machines must also have a compressed air system

the file graphics processed by professional software include the indentation line type, cutting line type (corrugated paper /paperboard /film paper) required by the actual box sample, and may also include dimensions, document notes, etc. (paperboard /film paper, etc.). Different cutting tools /crimping wheels /drawing tools are installed according to the actual needs and transmitted to the machine in a certain format through the network or data line, The machine will automatically identify various line types in the graphics and select corresponding tools (knife /pressing wheel /pen). At the same time, it will work according to the corresponding parameter settings, such as working speed, tool type, cutting depth of blade, depth of indentation, etc. to complete box sample or drawing. In the past, strange cartoons and jigsaw puzzles could only be made with die-cutting boards, while some three-dimensional box samples and items could not be designed at once. They must be modified and assembled again and again in order to achieve the real effect; The competition in the consumer market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the rapidly changing consumer goods are constantly competing for their own development space. Therefore, manufacturers change packaging design more frequently in order to grasp the market initiative. It is normal that the design cycle has been shortened from a few weeks ago to a few days, and the production cycle of packaging products has become shorter and shorter. Everyone is comparing product quality and delivery speed to win more orders, strive to stabilize the old customer base, develop and expand new customers as much as possible, and make the operation of the whole factory and company in a benign state
the proofing machines produced by different manufacturers have their own characteristics. They have their own advantages in shape design, machine structure and control


advanced CNC controller and the latest control technology are adopted, high-quality drive system and Chinese culture color touch screen are selected, with manual, automatic, material, diagnosis and other functions. The working documents can be quickly called through LAN connection, and the consistency of cutting can be ensured through high automatic compensation function. The z-axis motor controls the depth of cutting /indentation, Simple and flexible adjustment. Customers no longer need to configure the compressor, and the installation and replacement of all tools are very convenient. The combination of tools is flexible and diverse. The general standard configuration includes paperboard cutting /crimping tools, corrugated paper cutting /crimping tools, drawing tools and blades and pressing wheels of different specifications (0.71mm, 1.05mm, etc.) to adapt to different materials

the powerful software compatibility function can directly obtain the designed samples, and then carry out production after the proofing, so as to reduce the loss and save the time of printing and die-cutting, so as to reduce the production cost and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. On the other hand, many orders now require fast delivery. The traditional manual method can not guarantee the production and quality of samples in a short time, while the high-speed and high-precision of the proofing machine can ensure that samples can be designed in the shortest time, and production can be arranged after confirmation by customers, which is of great help to the development of new customers. R & amp; D for factories or companies; In department D, the proofing machine can realize both look and change, which can enable R & D personnel to give full play to their imagination, make full use of the flexibility and adaptability of the proofing machine, and design more and better colorful products. Proofing machines often have the function of drawing, and the price of professional pen plotter with large working range is also relatively high. There is no great difference in price, but the function is unmatched by pen plotter

packaging and printing is an industry serving the packaging of industrial and agricultural products. With the further deepening of China’s market economy, the improvement of people’s material and cultural level, the development of foreign trade, the packaging and printing industry has also developed and expanded. Since the reform and opening up, China’s packaging and printing industry has developed greatly, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign developed countries. China’s southeast coastal commodity economy is relatively developed, and the packaging and printing industry is also developing at the same time. Coupled with the foresight of thinking, the application of proofing machines is relatively popular. Some manufacturers even have more than two proofing machines, or operate 24 hours. And more and more manufacturers have the intention to buy in order to enhance the competitiveness of their products
however, it should be noted that because there are only a few professional manufacturers of proofing machines in China, most of them still use some basic types of machines directly from abroad for improvement, and start late, the technology is backward, the accuracy and stability of the machine are difficult to guarantee, and there are still deficiencies in technical support, so they can only have a certain competitive advantage in price, In order to seize some low-end markets. However, with the opening and development of the Chinese market, we must strengthen the development of private brands, independent technologies and the upgrading of products, otherwise it is difficult to form a large market. Therefore, at present, the real carton factories with demand and high requirements still give priority to imported machines. Although the price is high to a certain extent, the stability of machine performance, high speed and high precision make it the first choice for those medium and high-grade manufacturers. With the reform of China’s foreign exchange market, the further reduction of machine import tariffs and the strengthening of technical support for after-sales service, it is believed that the market in Guangdong and other coastal areas will continue to expand in the next few years, and a certain market will be formed in China’s mainland. [FS: PAGE]

in China’s packaging and printing industry, the capacity of low-grade printing products is surplus, and the capacity of high-grade exquisite or medium and high-grade printing is insufficient. Today, with the rapid development of high and new technology in the world, especially “After China’s entry into WTO, China’s packaging and printing industry is bound to be greatly impacted by foreign counterparts. In order to integrate China’s packaging and printing industry into the tide of the world economy and participate in global economic competition, we must arm the packaging and printing industry with high and new technology, increase the pace of technological innovation and adjustment of technical equipment, and speed up the reform of economic system. We will strive to popularize prepress technology in China’s packaging and printing industry in a few years Promote the application of color desktop system, and some large and medium-sized enterprises adopt CTP direct plate making and digital proofing technology to realize prepress digitization and networking; CAD /CAM (computer aided design /computer aided manufacturing) system is adopted for carton shape design and trial production of
carton samples; Printing technology is developing towards multi-color and high efficiency, with flat offset printing accounting for 60%, flexographic printing accounting for more than 35% and other printing accounting for 5%; Post press finishing should improve the degree of automation, shorten the auxiliary time, and develop large format, high speed, high precision, multi-functional and fully automatic post press processing and its peripheral equipment. Gradually realize the automation and continuity of bronzing, polishing, embossing, die-cutting indentation, box pasting and other processing processes, so as to meet the requirements of multiple varieties, high quality and short cycle in the market

(II) what are the differences between proofing machines and printing machines

1. The structure of the proofing machine is different from that of the printing machine

the proofing machine adopts the circular flattening printing method, while the printing machine adopts the circular embossing printing method; The water supply and ink supply mechanism on the proofing machine is far less perfect than that of the printing machine, so there will be a certain gap between proofing samples and printed products in terms of ink balance, dot reproduction, image level and so on

2. The printing process of the proofing machine is different from that of the printing machine

multicolor prints are printed continuously on the printing machine, while on the proofing machine, they are printed intermittently, one by one. Continuous printing determines that the printing machine prints by wet pressing, while the interval time of the proofing machine is long. When one color is printed, the previous color is dry, so it is generally carried out by wet pressing. These two methods determine that the proofs and prints will have different printing effects. For example, printing gold ink on the field may achieve the ideal effect when printing gold once during proofing. However, on the printing press, arranging two or three units behind the field printing unit can not print gold proofing effect. We must wait until the field color block is dry before printing gold. In addition, gold and silver cardboard prints cannot be polished online, otherwise the front imprint will be pulled out by polishing oil

there is no paper feeding and receiving process on the proofing machine, but there is on the printing machine. This leads to the problem that the imprint on the surface of gold and silver cardboard or printed products is scratched by the paper feeding mechanism, or the paper is too deformed to feed smoothly. When receiving paper, if the ink layer is not dry, it will also cause the printed matter to be sticky and dirty, or the relative movement between sheets will cause the printed matter to be scratched, and the imprint on the back of the printed matter will be scratched by the suction wheel. Therefore, powder spraying method is often used to prevent sticking and dirt when receiving paper. After powder spraying, it may reduce the gloss and rough the surface of the printed matter; Or in the second machine overprint, the back ink printing is not true; It may also bring hidden dangers to post processes (such as film coating, bronzing, etc.) due to excessive powder spraying. Of course, sometimes the additives in the ink will also affect the printing effect. In addition, some paper is too thin and will roll into a ball after printing on the printing press, so it can’t receive the paper

proofing machines usually print at low speed, while printing machines operate at high speed. Some samples need a very thick ink layer to achieve a certain effect, which cannot be done in normal high-speed printing, and the too thin ink layer is difficult to control in high-speed printing

the printing pressure of the printer is greater than that of the proofing machine. If the same paper can be used normally during proofing, there may be faults such as paper peeling on the printer

3. Other aspects

whether it is proofing on the proofing machine or printing on the printing machine, the paper will stretch to a certain extent, but its stretching amount is different. Generally, when proofing on the proofing machine, the expansion rate is small, and when printing on the printing machine, the expansion rate is large. Therefore, if multi-color overprint needs to be printed on the machine several times, there may be obvious overprint inaccuracy due to paper deformation during the second overprint, and the deformation of the paper is irregular

in multicolor printing, the ink prepared according to the proofing ink ratio often has a large color difference during printing. This may be because there are other color inks left on the ink roller during proofing. Although these residual inks are few, they account for a large proportion of the small amount of ink used for proofing. Therefore, the ink roller should be cleaned during proofing. Of course, sometimes different paper colors will also cause color difference

the print film used for proofing is generally single combination, while the print film used for printing production is generally multi combination. When the multi combination film is made of single combination film, there may be inaccurate overprint or even loss of dot, resulting in the deviation between the print and the sample

when printing on the printing machine, we should also consider the pH value, additives (such as red and white drying oil, ink blending oil, etc.) and the use of drying device

therefore, the possible problems in printing production should be considered when proofing, and the problems existing in proofing should also be considered when printing, and appropriate adjustments should be made to make the products printed on the printer close to the samples printed on the proofing machine.

I’ll answer you the same way

1. What is proofing

proofing is a general factory, which accepts the entrustment of customers and the specifications and requirements of customers for products (for example)

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