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Why is the new iPhone box different from before?

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according to previous reports, many IOS developers have found a lot of key information about the new generation iPhone in Apple’s homepod firmware. Although Apple’s confidentiality work has made mistakes again, it is still a good thing for users to know about the new iPhone in advance

on August 3, in addition to some key information mentioned in the homepod firmware, a picture of a suspected new iPhone packaging box was uploaded today. The photo shows that the new iPhone is not called iPhone 8, but is named iPhone x edition

in fact, there have been many reports about this year’s iPhone & nbsp; Named report. Considering that this year is the tenth year of the iPhone, it is not completely impossible for the iPhone x edition, because x is the Roman numeral “10”, but this naming method is completely different from that before


from this box, we can see that this iPhone x edition will adopt a comprehensive screen design, and the “bangs” in the middle of the top of the screen will be reserved for modules such as earpiece and front camera. And, of course, the new iPhone wallpaper

although the physical home key on the front is also cancelled in this iPhone x edition, we can’t determine whether the touch ID is placed on the back or whether we can completely give up and use facial recognition instead

apple just released its latest financial report yesterday and made some speculation about the fourth quarter. According to some economic analysts, the iPhone 8 can be released as scheduled next month. Amit daryanani, an analyst at Royal Bank of Canada, said Apple’s good performance in the third quarter meant that the iPhone 8 could be released as scheduled

Guggenheim analyst rob cihra said he expected Apple’s performance in September to exceed previous years. He believed that all three new iPhones could be released as scheduled. JPMorgan analyst rod Hall said that the iPhone 7S and 7S plus can be shipped in September, but the shipment time of iPhone 8 will be delayed to December. Steven, an analyst at UBS, believes that the iPhone 8 will be completed in September and released in October

the views of all parties can be said to be different. What do you think of the release time of iPhone 8

take out your mobile phone and send the serial number. You can check it for you to see if it is a refurbished machine.

Phone7 and iphone7 plus. The iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches and the iPhone 7 plus is 5.5 inches. There are five colors available, black, bright black, gold, silver and rose gold. Black and bright black are brand new colors
compared with the previous generation iPhone, the new iPhone has not changed much in appearance, but the “antenna” is missing; In terms of performance, both iphone7 and iphone7 plus have added waterproof and dustproof functions
the storage capacity of the new generation iPhone has also been improved and the 16g model has been cancelled. The minimum storage capacity of iphone7 and iphone7 plus is 32g, and the other two are 128G and 256g. Among them, the bright black iPhone is only available for 128G and 256g models
another change is that the iPhone’s home key is no longer a mechanical keyboard, but a force sensing key, which can sense pressure, provide tactile feedback and have higher responsiveness.

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