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Why don’t some tea use vacuum packaging?

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I happened to find a phenomenon when buying tea. Some tea leaves are vacuum packed and some are not. I also specifically asked about the price. Some tea leaves without vacuum packaging are also more expensive than those well packaged. Asked several varieties, basically excluding the influence of price factors

later, I learned about some contents of vacuum packaging of tea and found that generally, the tea packaged in vacuum is Tieguanyin, which is sensitive to temperature and air. If it is not vacuum packaged, it is easy to change its flavor during storage

vacuum packaging of tea is mainly moisture-proof, high-temperature fermentation, etc. The vacuum packaging machine is used to extract the air from the packaging bag and isolate it from the outside to prevent the deterioration of tea. However, there are also tea leaves that are not suitable for vacuum packaging, such as Yunnan Pu’er tea. Pu’er tea is crisp, fragile and easy to agglomerate. It is generally made into tea bricks or tea cakes with a layer of paper on the surface for packaging. Friends who know more about tea should see more


however, in order to ensure the quality and taste of tea, improve the brand image of tea and enhance the commodity value, the exquisite packaging of tea is indispensable, especially the light fermented tea, which needs good packaging and preservation. For those tea leaves that are not suitable for vacuum packaging, Longjing, green tea and other tea leaves, nitrogen flushing packaging can be carried out to achieve the purpose of preservation

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