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Why does the multi row packing machine always break the film?

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the operation Department of multi row packaging machine is stable, and the pillow packaging machine is good

1. Roller heat sealing, four side sealing, high-speed multi bag packaging, flat and exquisite bag type and high packaging efficiency

2. The adjustment is fast and convenient. The bag length can be adjusted steplessly without changing the mold, and the actuators such as longitudinal seal, transverse seal, filling, batch number printing, dotted line cutting and transverse cutting can be adjusted through the man-machine interface


3. The filling measurement is accurate. The swinging blanking pipe is equipped with a triangular adjustable measuring cup feeding mechanism, so that each column can be adjusted and measured independently. At the same time, lifting vibration blanking device can be configured for materials with poor fluidity

4. The whole machine adopts PLC automatic control and variable frequency stepless speed regulation. All actuators are driven by servo motor, which runs stably and the synchronous positioning is very accurate

5. The photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic version matching of the double-sided pattern of the packaging bag, and has the function of automatic counting

6. It has strong adaptability to packaging materials. The heat sealing roller has high-precision automatic temperature control function and can adapt to a variety of packaging film produced at home and abroad, such as PET /Al /PE, PET /PE, NY /Al /PE, NY /PE, etc

7. Strong applicability. The cutting mode can select flat cutting and continuous bag point cutting at the same time, and can be equipped with ink wheel printer and various automatic alarm and shutdown functions

8. Generally, the output of multi row packaging machine is relatively large when the loading capacity is small The speed is relatively fast, which is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry with an annual output of 30 million bags of granular preparations

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