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Who knows the advertising words and packaging changes of Coca Cola company in the past 100 years?

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Who knows the advertising words and packaging changes of Coca Cola company in the past 100 years
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Coca Cola, which is popular all over the world, has played an important role in advertising in its 100 year development process. The advertising strategy close to the market has made an indelible contribution to its establishment of the most valuable brand position. As the core content of advertising, advertising language is a clear expression of brand positioning. Reaching consumers through various media, all market activities should echo and complement each other. We review the development of world brands from the changes of Coca Cola Advertising Language, especially the successful experience in the Chinese market, which will be of certain reference significance to domestic enterprises
please drink Coca Cola

from the appearance of the first bottle of Coca Cola in 1886 to the establishment of the first factory in the United States, Coca Cola is in the primary stage of development and needs more people to taste Coca Cola. Please drink Coca Cola has become the theme of its activities. In the following ten years, although new advertising words will appear from time to time, However, it is mainly publicized from the functional level of the product to quench thirst, taste good and cool. For example: fresh, delicious and satisfied is Coca Cola; Enjoyment when thirsty, etc

in the 1920s and 1930s, as Coca Cola products were accepted and recognized by more people, the advertising language became more and more perceptual. On the basis of functional demands, it added more content and meaning, such as joy, friendship and so on. For example: a life full of friendship, a symbol of happiness, etc., but this period is still a product promotion stage, and the real brand status has not been fully established


World War II was an important period for the development of Coca Cola. Coca Cola became the preferred beverage for Americans. With the overseas operations of American soldiers, Coca Cola began to flow everywhere. In order to ensure the supply of troops stationed abroad, Coca Cola began to establish bottling plants in some countries

up to now, the word enjoy has been retained on the registered Coca Cola trademark, which in a sense represents the century old history of Coca Cola and a classical style

feeling of unstoppable

after World War II, it is a period of rapid economic development in the United States and the rapid growth of Coca Cola. While the United States promotes its democratic thought and lifestyle around the world, Coca Cola and McDonald’s have become important components of American culture. Coca Cola has established factories all over the world, participated in major sports events and carried out various forms of advertising and promotion activities. Coca Cola’s popularity and market share have been greatly improved, and its brand value has been rising. The advertising words of this period are: I have a coke world; Coke Plus life, etc

the first batch of Coca Cola products entered the Chinese market in 1978 and the first joint venture factory was established in the 1980s. At that time, China was in the early stage of reform and opening up. Many Chinese people were not used to this kind of beverage with “traditional Chinese medicine flavor” and the price was high. Coca Cola focused on several major cities and took advantage of China’s local beverage channels, At the same time, Coca Cola’s brand-new marketing concept has also been strengthened by the invasion of foreign people

the feeling of unstoppable was the most popular advertising language at that time. It also expressed a spiritual thing Coca Cola wanted to bring to people. In fact, it also represented people’s curiosity and longing for western culture

‘drinking Coca Cola is not only a taste, but also a feeling’, which was the personal experience of some loyal consumers at that time

Coca Cola makes extensive use of television media, outdoor advertising, cold drink equipment and other publicity means in the main urban channels, and uses the vivid management mode of selling points to promote the rapid development of Coca Cola in the Chinese market. In the mid-1990s, Coca Cola has initially completed the distribution of food in major cities, and the domestic traditional drinks in various places have been hit hard

enjoy yourself and always be Coca Cola

the 1996 Atlanta (Coca Cola headquarters) Olympic Games should be the most brilliant moment for Coca Cola in the Chinese market. There are 23 bottling plants in China, and Coca Cola brand has become the most valuable brand. Products are often in short supply, maintaining a high-speed growth of more than 20% in the Chinese market every year

Coca Cola’s channel focus shifts from wholesale to direct marketing, which requires greater penetration in the market, higher requirements for business execution, large product display, more varieties, rich advertising materials and good customer relationship‘ “Ubiquitous, value for money, love and loyalty” has become the main strategy of marketing, and the sales work has changed from guiding consumption to promoting sales in the past

enjoy yourself. It is always Coca Cola. It not only expresses the hearty feeling, but also reflects Coca Cola’s self-confidence and atmosphere

in fact, Coca Cola really found the core content of the brand always at this time. Both traditional and classical, but also no lack of passion and vitality

make coke every minute. Coca Cola

entering the 21st century, Coca Cola began to feel unprecedented competitive pressure

first of all, the headquarters placed high hopes on the Chinese market and urged to accelerate the pace of development. However, with the gradual maturity of the domestic beverage industry, domestic beverages represented by very cola, xurisheng and Jianlibao grabbed the city and occupied many secondary and tertiary markets in advance; Pepsi Cola has scraped many young people’s consumption objects from the “choice of the new generation” to the “unlimited imagination”; The diversity of consumer consumption makes Coca Cola have to change its market strategy

should we respond to constant changes, or should we respond to changes

coke every moment was put forward based on the market environment at that time

‘engrave’ is reflected in time. It expresses that Coca Cola keeps up with the pace of the times, speaks for popular singers such as Xie Tingfeng and Zhang Baizhi, and targets the young generation, so as to achieve the purpose of competing with Pepsi. It shows that no matter in the past, present and future, it will always be Coca Cola

‘do your best’ is reflected in space. On the one hand, the company transfers from carbonated drinks to all beverage companies to develop tea, fruit juice, water and other products in an all-round way. On the other hand, the development of secondary and tertiary cities, and began to expand the rural market, the price is becoming more and more popular and civilian

in recent years, Coca Cola has kept pace with the times and looked for market opportunities from time to time. Carry out network marketing, sports marketing and other ways to attract consumers’ attention. At the same time, according to the advertising language of some events, it is also commendable, such as

seize this feeling

Coca Cola Festival ‘times’ to add joy

watch football, cheer up and drink Coca Cola

Liu Xiang’s home version of the Spring Festival‘ There is Coca Cola in every direction of going home, which is also an extension of making Coca Cola every moment

looking at the development process of Coca Cola, from the change of advertising language, it is always closely connected with the market positioning of the brand. To sum up, it has the following characteristics:

1. Concise advertising language is not only convenien
t for memory, but also easy for people to associate with the brand

2. The advertising language is formulated according to the market position and competitive environment of the product at that time, and serves the expansion of the market

3. Advertising language is a kind of literal expression of brand positioning, which can be changed in the form of literal expression. The core content and direction should not be changed easily. For example, extraordinary Cola has changed from “Chinese people’s own Cola” to “young without failure”; From “very cola, very choice” to “happy event, of course, very Cola”, the product positioning is vague and even chaotic

4. The formation of a brand is a process of continuous accumulation and deepening. From buying Coca Cola to making coke every moment, it is related and gradually enriched

many enterprises are often confused about the issue of advertising language, and are in a dilemma between “change” and “invariance”, which is easy to aging the brand‘ ‘change’ can easily lead to unknown risks. In fact, Coca Cola’s success comes from its long-term and clear market positioning. Through the development of product series, the transformation of packaging, the establishment of new channels, the continuous renewal of marketing means, especially the innovation of advertising content and form, Coca Cola has given this century old brand new life and vitality

coke every moment — Coca Cola
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