Which brand of vacuum packer is good

Which brand of vacuum packer is good

there are many brands of vacuum machines. You can search the ranking list of vacuum machines on Baidu

vacuum packaging machines can also be divided into commercial and domestic ones. The differences can be seen from the following points: machine size, price, power, energy consumption, vacuum weight, vacuum times, efficiency, etc. The price of common household small vacuum machines is not very high. You can start with 200-500. Bags may need bags with lines to vacuum. Online shopping or TV shopping can be found. The commercial ones are relatively large, and the prices are also relatively high, ranging from 1000 to 5000. The vacuum bags are thick, and there is no need for grain bags

general vacuum food can make food more hygienic, healthy, and keep fresh longer, so it can also save money

operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging:

turn on the power

put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber

the food shall not exceed three fourths of the bag, and smooth the bag mouth

4 Close the cover

5 Lock the latch

6 Select “dry matter”

7. click “vacuum sealing”

8. automatically jump to “sealing”

9. open the knob latch

10. open the cover and complete the

Suzhou xiaocarter automatic vacuum packaging machine is also very good. The quality is very good, and the after-sales service is also very good

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1. Blueberry vacuum machine 

 the blueberry vacuum machine is controlled by microcomputer and has the functions of vacuum, sealing and cooling at one time. For different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time of the machine are adjusted to achieve better packaging effect. It is an ideal small vacuum inflatable packaging machine at present

2. Bleuets vacuum machine 

bleuets vacuum machine is a V-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip made of high-density materials, which ensures the sealing performance of the machine in daily work. The pressure resistance and wear resistance of the materials extend the service life of the sealing strip, reduce the replacement times and reduce the production cost. High quality organic glass vacuum cover, solid and transparent, can make the packaging process and condition of the packaging materials in the vacuum room at a glance

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I know a company that seems to have a good response: Changyu, you can check it online

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