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What’s wrong with vacuum packaging ed?

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display ed for compressor phase loss protection. Solution: check whether the power incoming line, indoor and outdoor unit connecting line, external unit wiring terminal and compressor wiring terminal are loose or disconnected, tighten or connect back and restore.

when vacuum packaging is packaged, it should have an air extraction function. This fault should be the fault of the air extraction function

you need to check the equipment manual, which contains fault code information.

there may be many problems in the process of vacuum packaging machine packaging, and these problems may occur from time to time, and they can occur in the equipment of any manufacturer. These are common faults of vacuum packaging machine, also known as common faults of vacuum packaging machine. Although these common faults are not major problems, they will affect normal production, Therefore, if it is not solved in time and effectively, it will cause big problems. The common faults of vacuum packaging machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
no vacuum pumping
if the vacuum packaging machine used for the first time does not vacuum, the greatest possibility is that the electric connection is reversed and the vacuum pump is reversed, resulting in failure to vacuum. If the vacuum pumping is stopped suddenly after using for a period of time, it may be caused by the failure of the vacuum pump or the failure of the circuit board. Another possibility is that the vacuum chamber is deformed and the upper cover of the vacuum machine cannot be fully closed, resulting in the failure of vacuum pumping.


1. The packing bag leaks. 2. There is no vacuum in the heat sealed gas chamber during vacuum. 3. The sealing gasket on 1dt iron core or the sealing ring in the magnetic cover leaks. Troubleshooting: 1. Replace the packaging bag. 2. 1dt does not work, repair or replace it. Fault 4: no heat seal fault 4: cause: 1. The nickel chromium skin is burned out

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