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What tests are required for printing and printing packaging products

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whether printing or printing packaging products, there are no more than two kinds of relevant tests: raw material test and content quality test of finished printing products. Raw material test mainly includes whether raw materials are environmental friendly, toxic and non-toxic. The content quality inspection of finished printing products is mainly graphic inspection: white pages, wrong pages, scratches and so on. If it is a packing box, box, bag and other products, it is also necessary to test the hardness, reflectance, waterproof grade and so on.

your question is a little too broad
I don’t know whether you are talking about the quality inspection in the factory or the national or international quality requirements
ordinary printed matter doesn’t need any professional inspection
this mainly depends on the needs of customers. Generally, if it is exported, customers will require aging test because of the large span of cargo ships and climate temperature difference. This kind of packaging box is generally used. If there are more requirements for testing the content of heavy metals in children’s food packaging, and so on. Some even paper, ink, glue and other raw materials must have test reports!

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