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What powerful packaging design companies are there in Beijing?

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Can you answer for me

Zhengyang brand, founded in 2006

Zhengyang is a creative organization with strategic planning, brand planning and visual design as its dual core, committed to effective strategic creativity


according to your specific situation, there are different companies matching different needs. If you just want to make a picture and the requirements for design are relatively simple, you can directly go to the platforms such as zhubajie and Witkey to find someone to design. The advantage is cheap, but the disadvantage is that the design is relatively low. If you want to do the whole brand case, from brand planning to business model to packaging landing, it is recommended that you find a more powerful professional company, such as Beijing Yifeng innovation, Shanghai Fire sun, etc. among China’s top ten design institutions. I have been in contact with Yifeng innovation, Highly professional. The most important thing is a strong sense of responsibility. It’s not as perfunctory as some companies. I hope my answer can help you

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