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What machine does it take to make bamboo flooring

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Bamboo floor, what machine is it made of? If you know, please make it clear. Thank you~

production process: bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration material developed in recent years. It takes natural high-quality bamboo as raw material, and the cut moso bamboo will become bamboo floor through the following processes

broken strips: cut the 5-meter-long moso bamboo into the set length, usually 1.2 meters

opening: open the cut bamboo tube into pieces through tools, with a thickness of about 8mm


remove the green: remove the green on the surface of the bamboo, otherwise it will seriously affect the bonding strength

bleaching and boiling: boiling water can remove sugar and fat, that is, completely destroy the conditions suitable for the survival of insects

drying: the bamboo slices boiled in boiling water have high moisture content and cannot be pressed directly. The moisture content must be controlled within 12%

material selection: the dried bamboo pieces must be selected manually. The bamboo pieces with quality defects must be selected, and only qualified bamboo pieces are used

glue dipping: pass the bamboo piece through the glue dipping machine to attach glue to the bamboo piece for pressing plate

pressing plate: put the soaked bamboo into an 800 ton press and take shape after 15 minutes

edge cutting: the blank after press molding will have burrs and burrs, and the excess part needs to be cut off by the edge cutting machine

sanding: polish the blank with Dutch sanding machine

tenon: after sanding, the floor can produce grooves and tenons. HOMAG line imported from Germany is used for production. Only accurate equipment can produce high-quality floors

paint: Taiwan Fengqiao paint line can ensure the adhesion of paint without peeling off
production equipment: Slitter, rough planer, fine planer, cooking equipment, carbonization furnace, drying room, press, edge cutting machine, sanding machine, four side planer, paint line and packaging machine

the key is whether you produce bamboo slab blank or finished bamboo floor If it is bamboo floor slab, it needs a lot of equipment. The key equipment is collision machine, rough planer, fine planer, hot press, drying room and boiler Wait I have second-hand equipment here. You can refer to it

bamboo slab machine

hot press · ~!!

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