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What kinds of packaging and printing paper are there??

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packaging paper includes kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment, cellophane, asphalt paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder packaging paper, neutral packaging paper, translucent paper, antirust paper, oil proof paper, food packaging paper, paraffin paper, tea bag paper, red electro-optic gun paper, vacuum aluminized paper, composite paper, etc. Paper used for packaging various goods and materials

generally has high physical strength and certain water resistance. According to the characteristics of commodities, packaging paper has corresponding special properties. Among the packaging paper, the paper bag paper used for packaging bulk powder and granular industrial and agricultural raw materials, such as cement and chemical fertilizer, is generally made of more than 3 ~ 4 layers of paper, so it is also called multi-layer paper bag paper, which is different from other bag paper for packaging light and fine commodities

this kind of packaging paper mainly requires high strength, heavy load resistance, impact resistance and appropriate air permeability. Food packaging paper has the most varieties and specifications. It can be divided into two categories: inner packaging and outer packaging. Direct contact with food is called inner packaging paper. It is mainly required to be clean, free of bacteria, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti stick, anti mildew and so on


the outer packaging paper is mainly to beautify and protect the goods. In addition to requiring a certain physical strength, it also needs to be clean and beautiful, which is suitable for printing multi-color commodity patterns and characters. Packaging paper for milk, vegetable juice and other liquid drinks must also have excellent impermeability. In order to meet the needs of long-term preservation and preservation, special beverage soft packaging paper composed of paper and metal film, paper and plastic and metal film has been developed

packaging paper:
white board paper, white card paper, kraft paper, corrugated carton board paper, tea board paper, sheepskin, chicken skin paper, cigarette roll paper, silicone oil paper, paper cup (bag) base paper, coated paper, cellophane oil proof, moisture-proof paper, transparent paper, aluminum foil paper trademark, label paper, fruit bag paper
that’s all I know. Let’s see who else wants to add.

is it printed wrapping paper? Those wrapping paper with logo for shoes
they are usually copy paper, typing paper and cotton paper. This is common.

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