What kind of industry does the seed production industry belong to

primary industry

primary industry: also called primary industry. An industrial sector of the national economy classified according to the “three industrial classifications”. It refers to a department that mainly uses natural forces to produce products or industrial raw materials that can be consumed without deep processing. Its scope varies from country to country. It generally includes agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and collection. Some countries also include mining
the National Bureau of statistics of China has stipulated that the primary industry refers to agriculture (including forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, etc.)

the secondary industry processes the products (raw materials) provided by the primary industry and this industry, including mining, manufacturing, power, gas and water production and supply, and construction

the tertiary industry refers to other industries except the primary and secondary industries (also known as the tertiary industry)
the tertiary industry in China includes two major sectors: circulation and service, which are specifically divided into four levels: first, the circulation sector: transportation, post and telecommunications, commercial catering, material supply and marketing, and warehousing; Second, the sectors serving production and life: finance, insurance, geological survey, real estate management, public utilities, residential services, tourism, information consulting services and various technical services; Third, departments that serve to improve the scientific and cultural level and the quality of residents: education, culture, radio, television, scientific research, health, sports and social welfare; Fourth, state organs, political party organs, social organizations, the police, the army, etc., but they are not included in the output value of the tertiary industry and the gross national product in China

it can be seen that these industries belong to the primary industry


secondary industry

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