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What is the specification of this kind of food packing bag? (as shown below)

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this is a very common food composite film packaging bag. Because the back is compounded with aluminized film, it has a metallic luster and is basically opaque, while the other side is compounded with transparent film. Therefore, it is commonly known as yin-yang bag in the industry
from the picture, your bag is a three side sealed bag. I noticed that there is no hanging hole. Therefore, the specification of this bag should be a small size bag, but we can’t tell you the answer by photos alone. It is recommended that you measure it yourself. Open the product, take out the contents, flatten the bag, and then measure the length and width, that is, you know the specification, The thickness can only be measured with a thickness gauge. In addition, we also need to know the structure of the film material. I estimate it is OPP /PET (VMPET) /CPP. The specific thickness of each material can only be measured after stripping the composite film. Therefore, we can’t give you an answer only by pictures
I hope these answers are helpful to you!

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