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What is the price of automatic winding film packaging machine

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the parameter configuration of the winding film packaging machine should be determined according to the size of the goods you want to package. The price of different configurations is slightly different. At the same time, the selection of other additional functions will also affect the price

the parameter configuration of Jinan Kete mechanical automatic winding film packaging machine is as follows:

Product Model: tp1650f-l
with /without stock: with stock
wrapping specification (L × W) : 500-1400 * 500 * 1400mm
packing height: L type: (800-1800) mm H type: (800-2400) mm Y type: (800-higher than 2400) mm
packing efficiency: 20-40 Torr /h
turntable size: diameter: 1650mm height: 85mm
turntable load (max): 2000kg
turntable speed: 0-12rpm turntable frequency conversion speed regulation, turntable automatic reset
overall weight: 700kg
overall dimension: L type: 2545mm × 1650mm × 2280mm H type: 2545mm × 1650mm × 2880mm
power supply: single phase 220VAC /50Hz /20A
Motor Power: turntable 0.75KW, membrane frame 0.4KW, column 0.37kw

Hello, because the configuration parameters of the machine are different, the price of the machine is also different, and the cost performance is different. Ganzhou Xutian packaging machinery
basic configuration:


PLC integrated machine frequency converter chassis motor lifting motor (

travel switch power switch photoelectric and proximity switch)

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