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What is the price of automatic quantitative powder packing machine?

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mainly depends on the specification of packaging products. If there is only one specification, the price is about 30000. If there are multiple specifications, the price is much higher.

it’s hard to say that it can range from more than 10000 to hundreds of thousands. It depends on your measurement range, speed accuracy and the form of packaging bag (three side sealing, back sealing, pin bag, etc.). What you said is too general

what you said upstairs is very reasonable. It really needs to be considered from many aspects. In addition, the fully automatic includes the automatic quantitative function. If it is fully automatic, it also depends on your supporting equipment. If you want to add a hoist, add 18000. If the degree of automation is high, the bag feeding type and simple bag feeding device will also cost a lot of money, However, the ready-made bags are not needed. The speed and accuracy of measurement are almost the same in the industry, and the price difference of sealing form is not very large. The key is to see your configuration. Dongtai and Xunjie have also been doing it in Jinan for a long time, but it seems that their filling machine is more professional. In fact, you can consult them about the packaging machine.

the market price ranges from tens of thousands to tens of thousands. It depends on your requirements. Of course, thousands of goods are low-end goods, which may be used in small batches in small workshops. Because they are not durable, they are usually bought in small batches in the laboratory for experiments. If they are produced in batch, they are poor. If you want good quality, the price is generally more than tens of thousands. After all, every penny is worth every penny, You can visit the manufacturer’s entity


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