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What is the manufacturing process of heaven and earth cover box?

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in the production process of heaven and earth cover box, forming and mounting paper is the most demanding and cumbersome process in the box making process. Only careful and responsible and skilled technology can ensure the quality of the packaging box. Equipment, molds and auxiliary materials. The required auxiliary materials include 168 glue, mounting glue, rubber band, absolute ethanol and cotton cloth. The required molds include scraping ruler, auxiliary block, punching die, plastic container and brown brush. The required equipment includes grain opener, die-cutting machine, plate mounting machine, glue passing machine and punching machine. Key process points, first article inspection and confirmation before mass production. Check the production order and production sample, and check whether the materials are qualified. Conduct first article inspection and confirmation before mass production. Combined box body. Stack the die-cut box board paper on the table and evenly brush the small edges on both sides; Lift up the four sides of the glue coated box board paper, press the large side against the small side, tighten it with two rubber bands, stagger 45 ° and stack it on the pallet. After passing the self inspection, hang the signboard, and turn to the next process after air drying. Mount the box body. Apply glue evenly to the face paper of the box body, and accurately place the box type in the frame line on the back of the face paper; Put on the auxiliary block and bend the four sides downward at an angle of 90 °; Take out the auxiliary block, fold the bleeding edge inward, and scrape the four sides of the box with a bamboo ruler to make it fully bonded; Turn the box upside down and scrape the four edges and corners with thumb nail; Then put on the auxiliary block and wipe the face paper from inside to outside with flannelette. If there is glue stain, wipe it with flannelette dipped in a little ethanol; Exhaust the air to make it closely combined; When drilling, ensure that the hole position is appropriate. If the self inspection quality is qualified, the heaven and earth cover shall be buckled, the quantity shall be counted and the signboard shall be hung, which shall be handed over to the inspection and packaging. Inspection items include: forming effect, bonding effect, surface cleanliness, such as flatness, consistency, firmness, cleanliness and brightness of the box body. When assembling the box body, the four corners of the carton must be tight and seamless, and the four corners and the upper edge must be flush. If it is too close to the inside or outside, it will bring trouble to the mounting paper. It is strictly prohibited to move to the next process before the adhesive is dry. When mounting paper, be sure to wipe it with flannelette to make it stick firmly, and make the surface smooth without bubbles and glue stains. When scraping the edge with a scraping ruler, the four sides must be scraped in place to prevent the four corner interfaces from warping or wrinkles. Keep your hands clean and the console clean to prevent unclean operations from fouling the lining paper in the box

the difference between the production of the heaven and earth cover box and the book box is that the panel of the bag box is divided into the front face, upper face, rear face and lower bottom of the box by the V slot, and the box is formed when the panel wraps the enclosure, so it is called the bag box. For the world cover box, the upper cover and the lower bottom are separated (except the conjoined upper and lower covers). There are some differences in the manufacturing method: for the upper and lower cover box of density board material, the upper cover and the lower bottom need to fix and dry the opened board with white latex respectively. (the upper and lower cover boxes & nbsp; of gray paperboard material can be opened with “well” V-groove, and fixed directly with adhesive tape after removing the four corners). Mount the processed face paper on the upper cover and lower bottom. The upper cover and the lower bottom are buckled and assembled (the conjoined upper and lower cover box needs to be formed after connecting the upper and lower covers with a connecting plate). Put the inner tray, wipe the box and pack it. Production process of special-shaped box: the special-shaped box shall be determined according to the specific box. The special-shaped box is mostly the extension of heaven and earth cover box and bag box, and the production process is similar (there are polygonal box, heart-shaped box, round box, cone-shaped box, drawer box, multi-layer box, etc.)

the production process and design of heaven and earth cover packaging box, and design the pattern according to the requirements, culture and product characteristics. Proofing, making samples according to the drawings. Present gift boxes pay attention to beautiful appearance, so the colors of the produced version are also varied. Usually, a style of gift box has not only four basic colors, but also several special colors, such as gold and silver. Handmade bamboo basket packaging is purely original, with novel design, durability, low-carbon and environmental protection. It can be widely used in the packaging of agricultural and sideline products such as fruits, fungi, poultry and eggs, food, cured products and so on. Choose cardboard. The general gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard High grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. The cardboard with thickness of 3mm-6mm is mostly used, and the external decorative surface is mounted manually and bonded. Printing, surface treatment, beer, mounting


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