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What is the difference between dual servo machine and dual frequency machine?

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What is the difference between dual servo machine and dual frequency machine?

prices are different. Other aspects still depend on the packaging products and packaging requirements.

comparison between Suke servo pillow packaging machine and traditional frequency conversion pillow packaging machine:
1 The main control of the whole machine adopts PLC programmable controller, which makes the whole machine run accurately and stably
2. The bag length of the package can be set freely, 50-3000mm can be set freely! (double frequency conversion is generally 60-200mm or 90-300mm)
3. Suke machine is controlled by three servo, with simple and compact structure, no cumbersome chain structure and extremely convenient debugging. (the dual frequency conversion structure is complex, the specifications are changed, and the commissioning takes time)
4. The function is very user-friendly and automatic positioning. There is no need for employees to place materials at fixed points, which greatly accelerates the discharging speed (double frequency conversion must discharge materials according to the feeding hook. If the speed is fast, employees’ eyes may be overwhelmed, and the speed depends on skilled workers)
5. If there are products on the conveying line, the film will go. If there is no product on the conveying line, the film will not go. Therefore, the air defense bag can be achieved and there is no waste of empty bags. (the feeding speed of dual frequency conversion structure is synchronized with the film feeding speed. Once there is no product in one position, the empty bag will be discharged, and the empty bag of counting function will also be included. Therefore, once the speed is fast, the probability of empty bag is very high)
Suke three servo can be matched with the conveyor belt. The materials are arranged one by one in order, and then enter the film packaging. The equipment is positioned automatically, without the need for employees to discharge the materials one by one. Dual frequency conversion generally cannot be connected to the machine, and the latter is online in the program, which is more troublesome in speed synchronization
6. It has anti cutting function (provided that the packaging film is transparent film, or both sides of the bag body are transparent film). The system has two modes: no cutting of the cutter base and rotation after cutting. Once the position of the product is inaccurate due to the displacement of the product into the film, the cutter base will not cut the material, which better protects the product and the cutter base and is very suitable for the packaging of valuable materials. Even if it is not a transparent film, the servo controlled tool holder will pop up once the product is shifted and cut by the tool holder, which will not cause obvious damage to the packaged products, and better protect the tool holder on the machine. Once the tool holder with dual frequency conversion structure is misaligned, it will seriously cut the product. If the packaged products are metal, Drop causes great wear to the cutterbed. In the long run, it will greatly accelerate the service life of the cutterbed. Once the cutterbed is damaged, the machine strike will affect the production
7. If the multi specification products are packed on the pillow packing machine with double frequency conversion structure, the bag length data is inconsistent, the double frequency conversion changes the data, and the knife speed needs to be adjusted again, while the three servo structure only needs to change the bag length (the three servo can store the data of multi specification products, and the double frequency conversion needs to be re entered every time without storage function), and the knife speed does not need to be adjusted, The length of a bag is changed, which is very convenient!

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