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What is the development prospect of food machinery industry in the future

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according to the investigation of major food processing machinery enterprises around the world by famous international investigation institutions, it is boldly predicted that revolutionary changes will take place in the food processing machinery industry in the next ten years, which will bring new opportunities to the whole food processing machinery industry. The development of the food machinery industry is not smooth sailing. At present, the scale of China’s food processing enterprises is relatively low and there is a shortage of funds. According to statistics, there are 450000 food processing machinery enterprises in China, but the application of mechanization is not universal. Most of them are relatively backward equipment or relatively backward technology, which seriously hinders the development of the industry. At this stage, many food processing machinery enterprises in China target the market at foreign countries, but Japan, Germany and Italy occupy a very important position in the food processing machinery industry. Their technical level has an overwhelming advantage over China’s food processing machinery market, and the foreign competitive market is quite fierce
many products of China’s food machinery manufacturing industry can keep up with the international advanced level, but there are few products with independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation. The main reason is that most of the food consumed by our people are unprocessed food from agriculture. Every year, due to the lack of necessary food processing machinery, food resources cannot be directly processed, stored The loss caused by preservation is as high as several billion yuan, and the loss of resource waste caused by failure of deep processing and comprehensive utilization is higher. Therefore, food machinery has a broad market prospect
according to the statistical survey, the amount of China’s food packaging machinery imported from Western European and American countries last year was about US $2 billion, an increase of about 41% over the previous year, accounting for a large proportion of the whole packaging market share. At present, China’s food machinery industry has a large number, small scale and serious lack of innovation ability. Less than 5% of food machinery enterprises can compete with international enterprises in Western European and American countries. Western European and American countries have had a great impact on China’s whole food machinery industry with their strong capital and technical advantages
at present, China has not formed its own food processing and packaging machinery product system. Most food machinery production enterprises mainly focus on primary and small products, while some large machinery products basically rely on imports. Most of China’s food processing and packaging equipment has entered the renewal period. Only a quarter of domestic food processing enterprises have introduced and transformed technology. Most enterprises are still in the backward state of manual and semi mechanized processing, and need to introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, resulting in huge market opportunities
according to statistics, in recent years, China’s total import of food processing and packaging machinery has always remained at about US $2 billion. From the perspective of future development trend, food packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the improvement of the overall level of packaging equipment, develop multi-functional, high efficiency and low consumption food packaging equipment, and realize the electromechanical integration of food packaging machinery. China’s food machinery manufacturing enterprises should develop new products from the perspective of innovation and independent intellectual property rights, Develop advanced equipment with world-class level, so as to truly realize the upgrading of domestic food machinery manufacturing industry.

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