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What is roll film packaging

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When a customer wants to make roll film packaging, he gives a size. What is roll film packaging? Is it the one that sticks on the outside of the bottle? Or what? I don’t understand

roll film has no clear and strict definition in the packaging industry. It is just a conventional name in the industry. In short, it is rolled up packaging film
for packaging manufacturers, there is only one process less than the production of finished bags, and its material type is also consistent with that of plastic packaging bags. The common ones are PVC shrink film, OPP film, PE film, pet protective film, composite film, etc. Roll film is used in automatic packaging machines, such as common bagged shampoo and some wet wipes. The cost of using roll film packaging is relatively low, but it needs to be equipped with automatic packaging machine
in addition, we will also see a roll film application in our daily life. In small shops selling cup milk tea and porridge, we often see a sealing machine for on-site packaging. The sealing film used is roll film. The most common roll film packaging is bottle packaging, and heat shrinkable roll film is generally used, such as some coke, mineral water, etc., especially for non cylindrical special-shaped bottles

there are many kinds of roll film. The key depends on what the other party does. Some are used on the automatic packaging machine. The rolled single-layer film is put on the automatic packaging machine, divided into upper and lower layers of roll film, and then automatically loaded and sealed. The other is the hand torn bag roll film in the supermarket, which is cylindrical and sealed at the bottom, and can be loaded.

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