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What is better for flour?

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Usually the flour eaten at home is packed in nylon bags. Is that good? What’s the best way to pack flour? It’s not bad for people to eat it?

containers that can be used to hold flour:
1. Sealed woven bags
2. Food grade sealed plastic boxes, glass cans, etc
note: flour should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid and muggy place.

in the past, the family used to use large VATS to hold flour, but now they use plastic buckets.
I think it’s better to use vats, because the vats are not wet

traditional cloth bags are better~~


if you have flour at home, you should pay attention to it. Only in this way can you save it correctly. There is no caking and no insects

dawn common sense
16:40 the day before yesterday. Creator of high-quality life
Hello, everyone. Thank you for watching this issue of life tips. Life is so simple. I am dawn common sense

flour is a food often bought by our family. Flour is made by grinding wheat into flour. The texture is very delicate. Flour is made into noodles, steamed stuffed buns and other flour products, which can be easily digested and absorbed after cooking. Eating warm flour products also has the effect of nourishing the stomach. In addition, flour is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion. Among them, insoluble dietary fiber can also prevent constipation. Wheat is flat in nature and sweet in taste. However, compared with rice, it is slightly wet and sluggish, so it is generally ground into flour products or dried into cereals. Its ability of nourishing stomach and generating fluid is slightly poor, but its effect of Supplementing Qi and filling shape is better. Therefore, the northern people’s personality and spirit are also stronger than those in the south. Generally speaking, people with good stomach qi should eat coarse grain and pasta, while those with weak stomach qi should eat fine grain and rice grain. In addition, whether pasta is easy to digest is also related to its processing. If noodles are fermented, their stagnation of Qi will be greatly reduced, which is more conducive to human digestion. Although noodles have not been fermented, they will not stagnate the intestines and stomach, but also have the function of nourishing stomach qi due to careful cutting and boiling

besides being used for eating, flour can also play a very important role in life. Flour can wash grapes, remove the stems of grapes, put them in a basin, add an appropriate amount of flour, stir it gently with your hand, and then pour out the muddy flour water and rinse it with clean water. And when the faucet turns black, you can first wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in flour or cigarette ash, then wipe it with a wet cloth, and finally wipe it with a dry cloth, which can wipe the faucet very bright without damaging the metal surface. In addition, soak the cleaned fish in the milk, take it out, wrap it with a layer of dry flour, and then fry it in a hot oil pan. It tastes particularly delicious. It tastes delicious. When frying onions, add a little white wine, which is not easy to fry. If your hands are stained with oil, grab the flour and scrub it in the water, which can not only wash it clean, but also remove the peculiar smell such as fishy smell. Moreover, if we often fry fish at home, flour is also a good thing. Boil the oil of fried fish, put some scallion, ginger and pepper into it, fry it out of flavor, and then leave the fire, sprinkle dry flour with hot oil, and remove scallion and ginger after the oil cools down, so as to eliminate the fishy smell of the oil. In addition, greasy bowls, dishes and other tableware can be washed in water with a little flour (or boiled water can be used to make a very thin noodle soup), which can be washed and is very environmentally friendly. Apply the hot thick paste soup to the greasy spot on the wall with a brush. When it is dry and peeling, remove the “wall skin”, and the greasy dirt will fall with it. Because the surface tension of flour particles is large, it can absorb all kinds of oil stains; After wetting with water, the coarse fiber and starch in the powder expand in case of water, which has a strong affinity for oil stain. The oil stain can be removed by using the function of mechanical force

well, I’ve said so much about the benefits of flour, but I’m sure everyone will have a worry that the flour at home is always prone to insects

at dawn today, we will teach you how to preserve the flour without insects and caking

first, we put the flour in a box

then use paper towels or gauze and pour pepper on it

then wrap it tightly and stuff it into the flour pile

finally, the lid is closed, so that the flour will not grow and the insects will not agglomerate

life is so simple. I’m a little common sense of dawn

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