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What equipment is needed to run a small packaging factory and how much is the investment?

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The business is mainly engaged in e-commerce online shopping of commodity packages, small cartons, small cartons, what equipment you need, where you can buy second-hand equipment, and costs
or what website can you check the equipment and the process of manufacturing these goods wrapped in small cartons?

this is a professional question. We have to ask experts. Now the carton packaging industry is very popular. Near the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, there is a big gap in all kinds of packaging. It is estimated that we can’t catch up with it now, but the market will still be large in the future. It is recommended that Baidu search Zhengzhou Baoli packaging, which has the equipment they use. You can refer to it. It should be your peers. You can call them for advice.

go to Baidu app to view

 opening a small carton factory requires an investment of 300000 ~ 400000 

 there should be a ink printing slotting machine or ink printing die-cutting machine with manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic. The cost of full-automatic leading edge high-speed ink printing slotting machine is high, so it is not recommended to buy it by new manufacturers. Considering the capital cost of the enterprise, it is recommended to buy a manual chain printing slotting machine, taking the two-color printing slotting machine as an example, 1400 * 3000, which is about 10W

 carton forming equipment needs a box nailing machine or box gluing machine, which can also be divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic. The price of manual box nailing machine is the cheapest. The price of 1200 model is between 4000-5000 yuan. The quotation of different carton equipment manufacturers is slightly different, and the cost of box gluing machine is high. If there is no requirement for box gluing in the order, we will not consider purchasing 

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