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What does DuPont do? What about their products? Urgent thank you

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DuPont sells more than 200 kinds of products in China, from pesticides to clothing fibers, from auto parts to household products, people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation are closely related to DuPont

DuPont electronics and communications technology
DuPont & amp
DuPont displays
DuPont electronic technology, DuPont
DuPont image technology, DuPont imaging
DuPont fluorine products, DuPont
DuPont polyimide film, DuPont Kapton film

DuPont high performance materials
DuPont engineering plastics, DuPont polymers
DuPont packaging and industrial resin, DuPont packaging & amp; Industrial polymers
(including polyester resins, formerly part of polyester)
DuPont Teijin films
DuPont Dow elastomers

DuPont Coatings & amp; Color
DuPont coatings
DuPont titanium technology, DuPont titanium


DuPont Safety & amp
DuPont advanced fiber systems
DuPont chemical solutions
DuPont nonwovens
DuPont safety resources
DuPont surfaces

DuPont agriculture and nutrition DuPont & amp; Nutrition
DuPont pioneer hibred
DuPont plant protection business, DuPont crop
DuPont Nutrition & health, DuPont Nutrition & amp; Health

DuPont has a history of 200 years. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware (), it has more than 80 subsidiaries with different businesses, which are classified into 18 strategic business units (SBU). DuPont subsidiaries also include oil company Conoco. DuPont’s business spans a wide range, from the development and production of fist products such as and carpets to the production of various chemical products, fibers, polymers, resins and other industrial and agricultural products. Some products are or contain extremely dangerous substances. These companies and business units manage 175 manufacturing and processing plants and 75 research and development laboratories in more than 70 countries around the world. Today, DuPont is a super multinational company with businesses all over the world, 79000 employees and an annual turnover of 24 billion US dollars.

boss DuPont is so rich

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