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What are the upstream and downstream industries of the packaging and printing industry

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packaging and printing should be counted as two industries, but there are overlaps in sales display packaging. It is introduced separately here
firstly, the packaging industry can be divided into three directions: packaging materials, packaging machinery and packaging design
the manufacturing industry of packaging materials is an upstream industry. Specific packaging materials include metal, glass, paper, plastic, wood, composite materials, etc. Metal packaging enterprises mainly include can factories, metal pallet factories and even container factories. Glass packaging material enterprises mainly have bottle factories, such as wine bottles, medicine bottles, etc. There are mainly corrugated paper bags, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb, etc. Plastic packaging materials mainly include plastic film and plastic containers (mineral water bottles, calcium plastic boxes, etc.). Wood is mainly used to produce pallets, and now the direction is non fumigation pallets such as plywood and shaving wood pallets. Composite materials mainly include paper plastic composite materials
packaging machinery mainly includes film blowing machine, capping machine, corrugated board production line and other mechanical equipment for the production of packaging materials and on-site packaging machinery, such as packer, heat sealing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, etc
packaging design is divided into two directions: industrial design and appearance design. Industrial design is mainly for the design of packaging in terms of mechanical strength, cushioning performance, anti rust, moisture-proof and anti-static of protective products. The appearance design mainly includes the design of packaging shape, label and other visual and user experience
the printing industry can be divided into packaging printing, publishing printing and special printing (such as printing of currency and circuit board). In terms of printing machinery, it can be divided into printing machine, slitting machine, binding machine, household machine, UV polishing machine, laminating machine, plate making machine, printing consumables, etc. Printing carriers can be divided into paper, film, etc. There are also materials such as ink. Downstream are printing enterprises, including packaging and printing enterprises, publishing and printing enterprises, mints, etc.

you can check the investment analysis and prospect forecast report of China’s packaging and printing industry from 2011 to 2015 from CIC

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