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What are the types of printing?

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printing type, engraving printing, the printing method of engraving words with wood, brushing ink, covering paper and pressing invented in ancient China. Movable type printing is a method of direct printing with single type typesetting, including mastic movable type, wood movable type and metal movable type. Common printing is the general name of common printing plate, paper, ink and process printing methods. Special printing is also called special printing. It is relative to ordinary printing. Its printing process, substrate or pigment have special points. Book printing refers to printing books, periodicals, textbooks, etc. Newspaper printing, the process of printing newspapers. Securities printing, ticket and currency printing. Packaging printing refers to the printing of packaging decoration and trademarks. Part printing refers to sporadic printing of social and cultural supplies and office supplies. Printing of building materials, ceiling, wallpaper, floor and furniture decoration materials, etc. Relief printing is a type of printing in which the inked part of the printed plate, such as graphics and text, is higher than the blank part. In contrast to gravure and relief printing, the graphic part of the printed plate is concave and the blank part is high. When printing, first fully apply the ink on the plate, and then scrape the ink from the blank part with a scraper. The graphic part and blank part of the lithographic printing plate are on the same plane relative to each other. It uses the principle of oil-water repulsion for printing. Also known as screen printing and screen printing. There are holes in the graphic part of the printing plate, and the pigment is missed on the substrate by pressure. Direct printing the printing plate is printed in direct contact with the substrate. A printing method in which the pigment of an indirect printing plate is transferred on the substrate through rubber. Transfer printing, a printing method in which the printing color is first printed on a medium and then transferred from the medium to the substrate

printing types. According to the types of printing plates used, the printing press can be divided into the following four types of relief printing presses. Letterpress printing is a kind of printing method using letterpress. Letterpress is a machine that uses letterpress to complete the printing process. Gravure press. Intaglio printing is a printing method using intaglio printing. Gravure printing machine is a machine that uses gravure for printing. Lithographic press. Lithography is a kind of printing method using lithography. Lithographic press is a machine that uses lithography to complete the printing process. The lithography mentioned here refers to the printing plate in which the graphic part and the blank part are almost in the same plane, such as flat intaglio. Screen printing machine. Screen printing is a kind of hole printing. Hole printing is a printing method in which the graphic part of the finger printing plate can be missed to the substrate through ink. Offset printing, also known as offset printing, is a kind of lithography, which can clearly restore the color, contrast and level of the original with high precision. It is the most common paper printing method at present. It is suitable for posters, profiles, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, monthly calendars and other relevant color printed materials. Letterpress printing, a kind of letterpress printing technology, is generally used when there are many words, few photos and pictures, great opportunities for text change and a small number of prints. It is suitable for small batch tasks such as printing invitation cards, business cards, labels and small packaging boxes. The traditional sequential number printing and small trademark overprint are carried out in the form of letterpress. Screen printing, screen printing as a wide range of printing, according to the differences of printing materials, it can be divided into: fabric printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery silk screen printing, electric decoration advertising board silk screen printing, metal advertising board silk screen printing, stainless steel finished product silk screen printing, optical reflector silk screen printing, screen transfer, anodized aluminum, silk screen printing, printmaking and lacquer silk screen printing, etc. Hole printing is one of the printing technologies. The printing ink is particularly strong, so it is most suitable to make prints with special effects. The amount is small and the ink needs concentration is particularly suitable. It can also be printed on the three-dimensional surface, such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans, etc. In addition to paper, you can also print cloth, plastic fabrics, plywood, film, metal sheet, glass, etc. Common new products include banners, brocade flags, T-Shirts, corrugated cartons, water bottles and circuit boards. The flexibility of screen printing is unmatched by other printing methods

color printing, printing color products; Color printing is also divided into overlapping color printing and chromatic printing. Trichromatic plate printing method for printing natural color products with three primary colors. Plastic printing the process of printing on plastic. Sheet metal printing is also known as sheet metal printing. Printed on tinned sheet iron or aluminum. Hose printing on soft metal tubes such as tin and lead. Curved surface printing is printed on glass, ceramics, metal products and other objects with curved shape. Decal printing uses chlorine oxide pigment to print pictures and texts on paper, and then paste them on porcelain and sinter them on porcelain surface. Heat transfer printing is a method of sublimating dye to print pictures and texts on paper, then placing the printing paper on the fabric and sublimating the pigment on the fabric by heating. Braille printing products printed for the blind to touch and read by printing bumps. Printed integrated circuit board with conductive material for circuit printing. Foaming printing uses foaming ink to print embossed graphics and texts. Liquid crystal printing adopts ink mixed with liquid crystal microcapsules. Prints show different trembling colors at different temperatures. UV printing is printed with UV drying ink. Strong printing luster; Electrostatic copying uses photosensitive substances and light to make the picture and text have static electricity. Static electricity adsorbs and fixes the magnetic pigment on the substrate. Electrostatic flocking is a method of using high-voltage static electricity to absorb and stick the fluff to the substrate. Magnetic printing is printed with special ink with magnetism, and the printed matter can be read out


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