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What are the types of containers?

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dry cargo container, also known as grocery container, is a general container used to load general groceries except liquid goods, goods requiring temperature adjustment and special goods. This kind of container is widely used. There are two kinds of containers, 20 feet and 40 feet, which are commonly used. Its structural feature is that it is often closed. Generally, a door is set at one end or side

open top container, also known as open top container, is a container without rigid top, but with a roof made of canvas, plastic cloth or plastic coated cloth supported by folding top beam. Other components are similar to dry container. Open top containers are suitable for loading high large goods and heavy goods to be hoisted. For platform based container and platform based container, the platform based container has no top and side wall, and even the end wall is removed, but only the bottom plate and four corner columns. There are many types of pallet containers. Their main feature is that the bottom of the box is thick in order to maintain its longitudinal strength. The strength of the bottom of the container is greater than that of an ordinary container, while its internal height is lower than that of an ordinary container. A tie ring is arranged on the lower side beam and corner column to fasten the loaded goods. The rack container is not watertight, and the goods that are afraid of moisture cannot be transported. It is suitable for loading goods with different shapes. Bench type containers can be divided into: open side bench type, full frame bench type, bench type with complete fixed end wall, bench type containers with no end but fixed corner column and bottom plate, etc

platform container is a kind of container with only bottom plate and no superstructure. The container has convenient loading and unloading operation and is suitable for loading long and heavy pieces. A ventilated container is generally provided with ventilation holes on the side wall or end wall, which is suitable for loading goods that do not need refrigeration but need ventilation and prevent perspiration, such as fruits and vegetables. If the vent is closed, it can be used as a grocery container



ordinary containers, also known as dry containers, are mainly used to transport pieces of groceries. They are usually used to transport cultural goods, daily necessities, medicine, textiles, handicrafts, chemical products, hardware and electricity, electronic machinery, instruments and machine parts. This kind of container accounts for 70 ~ 80% of the total number of containers. There are two types of reefer containers: external and built-in. The temperature can be adjusted between – 28 ℃ ~ + 26 ℃. The built-in container can start the refrigerator at will during transportation to keep the container at the specified temperature; The external type must rely on the refrigerators equipped on special container vehicles, ships, special storage yards and stations. This box is suitable for transporting butter, chocolate, frozen fish, condensed milk, margarine and other items in summer


Open (open) top container, which is a kind of container without top or open top. When loading and unloading goods, it is necessary to use a crane to load or unload heavy goods from the top. After loading the goods, cover the top with waterproof tarpaulin to prevent damage to the goods. The container is suitable for loading ultra-high goods such as glass plate, steel products, plywood and mechanical equipment, heavy goods that can be fixed by the side wall, and goods that are difficult to load and unload from the door and must be loaded and unloaded from the top of the box. Frame (plate) container, which is a kind of container that can be unloaded without the top, wall and end wall, and only the bottom and four corner columns are left to bear the load. If the four corner column is removed, it can also be used as a platform container. This kind of container is mainly used for long and heavy pieces, overweight pieces, light soaked goods, heavy machinery, steel, steel pipes, bare equipment, etc. that are not suitable for loading into general cargo containers or open top containers, heavy goods that will produce concentrated load, oversized goods, goods that are not afraid of wind and rain attack, goods that need to be loaded from the top or side of the box, and goods that need to be fixed in the box


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