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What are the packaging machines and the detailed models

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there are many kinds of packaging machinery, including vacuum packaging machine series, heat shrinkable packaging machine series, automatic strapping machine series, sealing machine series, origami machine series, carton automatic packaging production line series, carton forming machine series, automatic packing machine series, automatic sealing machine series, automatic winding packaging machine series and automatic stacking robot series, Heavy bag automatic packaging production line series, heavy bag automatic packaging machine series, vacuum modified atmosphere packaging machine series, wrapping packaging machine series, automatic packaging machine series, code printer, code spraying machine series, etc. there are hundreds of detailed models. You can Baidu China Hualian Machinery Group Shenzhen Sales Co., Ltd., which has a detailed model introduction.

imported equipment includes Bosch, Cavanna, Fuji, etc., and there are many domestic ones. There is a packaging machinery exhibition in Shanghai every July. You can go and have a look.

are you talking about paper packaging or other types of packaging machinery? Our paper packaging machinery includes paper cutter, die cutter, laminating machine, hot stamping machine, printing machine, packer, etc

there are many kinds of packaging machines. The most commonly used ones are packer, vacuum machine, winding machine, strapping machine, etc. I hope they can help you


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