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What are the marks on the packaging of drugs! Be sure to have a complete answer! Thank you

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Be sure to have a complete answer!

1. According to the regulations of the State Food and drug administration, the new approval number will be implemented for drugs produced after June 30, 2003, and the original approval number will be abolished [ × Wei Yao Zhun Zi] and × Wei YaoJian [Chinese character]. The format of the new approval number is: Guoyao Zhun character + 1 pinyin letter + 8 digits. The letters indicate the drug category with Pinyin prefix, and the numbers indicate the Department, year and sequence number of approved drug production. Counterfeit drugs often use the abolished approval number. 2. According to the regulations of the State Food and drug administration, the standardized drug instructions must indicate the name, address, postal code, telephone number, fax number and website of the manufacturer, so as to facilitate the contact of patients to distinguish between true and false. The labeling content of counterfeit drugs for such items is often incomplete. 3. Look at the qualified drug packaging. The external packaging of drugs has good texture, clear font and pattern, exquisite printing color, uniform color, smooth surface and bright anti-counterfeiting signs. Most of the outer packaging of counterfeit drugs have poor texture, rough font and pattern printing, hard color and fuzzy anti-counterfeiting signs. 4. According to the qualified drug instructions, the paper of the drug instructions is good, the printing layout is uniform, even the smallest font is very clear, the content is accurate and complete, and the indications are strictly limited. The paper quality of fake drug instructions is poor, the handwriting is fuzzy, the content is incomplete, the arrangement is wrong, and the curative effect and scope of application are exaggerated at will. 5. According to the batch number and date, the packaging of qualified drugs shall be marked with [product batch number], [production date] and [expiration date], and the handwriting is mostly laser printed. Counterfeit drugs often lack one or two of the three items, and most of the printed handwriting is mimeograph. 6. Looking at the appearance of drugs and carefully observing the appearance of counterfeit drugs, there are often the following problems: tablets: uneven color, discoloration, spots, adhesion, loose tablets, deliquescence, etc; The surface of sugar coated tablets is discolored, exposed, cracked and moldy. Injection: discoloration, turbidity, precipitation, crystallization, floc, etc. Water agent: precipitation, crystallization, mildew and floc. Granules: sticky, caking, melting and uneven particles. Paste: water loss, drying up, water oil separation and oil rancidity smell. 7. Buy from legal and regular medical institutions and pharmacies, keep the drug packaging, instructions and invoices, and do not buy from clinics without medical institution license or pharmacies without drug business license for convenience or cheap. Guard against the scam of selling fake drugs under the signboard of free lectures, gifts and free clinics; Don’t believe in illegal advertisements and mail order drugs

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