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What are the functions and classifications of packaging

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I. function of packaging
1. Protect products
2. Facilitate storage and transportation
3. Promote sales
4 Beautifying products
II. Classification of packaging
1. According to the product business mode, it is divided into domestic product packaging, export product packaging and special product packaging
2. According to the role of packaging in the circulation process, there are single package, medium package and outer package
3. By packaging materials: paper products packaging, plastic products packaging, metal packaging, bamboo and wood packaging, glass container packaging and composite materials packaging
4. Divided by the number of times the package is used: once used packaging, multiple used packaging and turnover packaging
5. According to the degree of softness and hardness of the packaging container, there are hard packaging, semi hard packaging and soft packaging
6. By product category: food packaging, drug packaging, mechanical and electrical product packaging, dangerous goods packaging, etc
7. Divided by function: transportation packaging, storage packaging and sales packaging
8. According to the packaging technology, there are shockproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rust proof packaging, mildew proof packaging, etc.
I Definition and function of packaging
1.1 definition of packaging
it can be said that from the day when there is a product, there is packaging. Packaging has become an integral part of modern commodity production and a powerful weapon for businesses to compete. Manufacturers have been trying their best to attract consumers with “new packaging and new listing” in order to change the image of their products in the hearts of consumers and enhance their own image. Just as the record companies have created and packaged new products for singers to change their image in the hearts of fans, nowadays, packaging has been integrated into the development, design and production of various commodities. Almost all products need to be packaged to become commodities into the process
the understanding and definition of packaging are different in different periods and countries. In the past, many people believed that packaging is aimed at rotating circulating materials. It is not only a means and tool to wrap, bind and contain goods, but also an operation activity when wrapping and containing goods. Since the 1960s, with the popularization and development of various optional supermarkets and stores, packaging has changed from the original protection of the safe circulation of products to the role of salesperson. People have also given new connotation and mission to packaging. The importance of packaging has been deeply recognized by people. For the definition of packaging, in the advanced Chinese dictionary, it is defined as:

1) the action or process of binding things into bags or boxes and other containers

2) the things that package goods, that is, the appearance, envelope or container that plays the role of covering; It refers to the protective unit used in the storage or transportation of goods. In the 1983 national standard, The definition of packaging is: “in order to protect products in circulation, facilitate storage and transportation and promote sales, apply certain technical methods in the process of containers, materials and auxiliary materials adopted according to certain technical methods. In other versions of textbooks, packaging is also defined as: “In order to ensure that the original state and quality of commodities will not be damaged and affected during transportation, flow, transaction, storage and use, a series of technical means adopted for commodities are called packaging.” Although the definition of packaging is slightly different in each country and region, it takes the function of packaging as the core content

1.2 function of packaging


1.2.1 protection function; Protection function is also the most basic function of packaging, even if the goods are not damaged by various external forces. A commodity can only enter the shopping mall or other places and finally reach consumers after multiple circulation. During this period, it needs to go through loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the process of storage and transportation, many external factors, such as impact, humidity, light, gas, bacteria and so on, will threaten the safety of commodities. Therefore, as a designer, before starting the design, we should first think of the structure and materials of packaging to ensure the safety of goods in the process of flow and circulation

1.2.2 convenience function; The so-called convenience function is whether the packaging of goods is easy to use, carry and store. A good packaging work should be “people-oriented” and consider from the perspective of consumers, which will narrow the relationship between goods and consumers, increase consumers’ desire to buy, trust in goods, and promote communication between consumers and enterprises. I think many people like the pleasure of the “pop” when opening the lid when they buy drinks in cans; In the past, people often said that “the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley”, “first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices”. As long as the product quality is good, there is no worry that it can not be sold. In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers are well aware of the role and importance of packaging. People have felt that “the smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley”. How to make their products sell well and how to make their products jump out of the dazzling shelves, it is far from enough to rely on the quality of products and the bombing of the media. Because today, with all kinds of supermarkets and self selected stores springing up like mushrooms, directly facing consumers is the packaging of products themselves. Good packaging can directly attract the attention of consumers and make consumers have a strong desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting smoothness. Imagine that a product is described in the media as extremely magical. No matter its function and appearance quality, people are ready to move. They want to kiss Fangze immediately. It can be said that once they have it, they have nothing to ask for. But as soon as you get something, what jumps out of your vision is a thing with rough packaging, thick “earthy” smell and “greasy” smell, and dazzling color. Will you have a sense of trust in its products? I’m afraid your first thought is whether the media is wrong and the advertising is so good. Before I opened it, I began to be disappointed. Nowadays, many smart manufacturers and planning companies list packaging as one of the 4P strategies of enterprises (position market, proct products, package packaging). Incorporating packaging into Ci not only promotes products, but also improves its own corporate image.

II Classification of packaging

as people often say, “packaging is a silent commodity salesman”. 2. There are a wide variety of classified commodities with different forms, functions, appearance and content. The so-called content determines form, and packaging is no exception. Therefore, in order to distinguish between goods and design convenience, we classify the packaging as follows:

2.1 according to the product content, it is divided into daily necessities, food, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, medicine, sports, handicrafts, chemicals, hardware and household appliances, textiles, children’s toys, local specialties, etc

2.2 according to packaging materials: different commodities use different materials considering their transportation process and display effect. Such as paper packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wood packaging, ceramic packaging, plastic packaging, cotton and linen packaging, cloth packaging, etc

2.3 sales packaging sales packaging, a
lso known as commercial packaging, can be divided into domestic packaging, export packaging, gift packaging, economic packaging, etc. Sales packaging is directly oriented to consumption. Therefore, in the design, we should have an accurate positioning (the positioning of the product is described in detail later) in line with the demand object of the commodity, and strive to be concise, generous, convenient and practical, but also reflect the commodity nature

2.3.2 storage and transportation packaging storage and transportation packaging is the packaging for the purpose of commodity storage or transportation. It mainly circulates between manufacturers, distributors and stores, which is convenient for the handling and counting of products. In the design, it is not the key point. Just indicate the quantity of products, delivery and arrival date, time and place, etc

2.3.3 military supplies packaging the packaging of military supplies can also be said to be the packaging of special supplies. Since it is rarely encountered in the design, it will not be introduced in detail here, and it is not the focus of this book

2.4 shape of package:

2.4.1 package is also called inner package or small package. It is the closest package to the product. It is the first protective layer for products to go to the market. Each package is generally displayed on the shelves of shopping malls or supermarkets, and finally even the products are bought to consumers. Therefore, when we design, we should reflect the commodity nature to attract consumers

2.4.2 medium packaging is mainly used to assemble or suit the goods to enhance the protection of the goods and facilitate counting. For example, there are 6 bottles of beer in a box, 10 bottles in a bundle, 10 packs of cigarettes in a carton, etc

2.4.3 large packaging large packaging is also called outer packaging and transportation packaging. Because its main function is to increase the safety of goods in transportation and facilitate loading, unloading and counting. The design of large package is much simpler than that of single package. Generally, in the design, that is to indicate the model, specification, size, color, quantity and ex factory date of the product. Add this visual symbol, such as handle with care, moisture-proof, fire prevention, stacking pressure limit, toxicity, etc.

transportation packaging
sales packaging

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