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What are the classification types of wrapping and packaging machinery?

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wrapping and packaging machinery refers to the equipment used to package block products. With the increasing variety of materials, the rapid development of packaging materials and the improvement of packaging technology, the ways of wrapping materials are also increasing. Classification of wrapping and packaging machinery:
according to different wrapping methods, wrapping machinery can be divided into semi wrapping machine and full wrapping machine. The full wrapping machine also includes folding wrapping machine, twisting wrapping machine, seam wrapping machine, covering wrapping machine, winding wrapping machine, stretching wrapping machine, shrinking wrapping machine and body fitting wrapping machine
among them, winding wrapping machine refers to a machine that uses coiled flexible packaging materials to wrap products in multiple turns; Stretch packaging machine refers to a machine that uses stretch film to wrap products under a certain tension. It is commonly used to wrap products accumulated on pallets or shallow plates together with pallets or shallow plates; Body fitting wrapping machine refers to a machine that places the product on the bottom plate, makes the plastic sheet (film) covering the product close to the product under the action of heating and vacuum pumping, and seals it with the bottom plate; Shrink packaging machine refers to the machine that wraps the product with heat shrinkable film and then heats it to make the film shrink and wrap the product tightly; Covering wrapping machine refers to a machine that uses two pieces of flexible packaging materials to cover two opposite surfaces of the product and wrap the product by heat sealing or adhesive sealing
examples of wrapping and packaging machinery:
I. folding wrapping machine
wrapping products with flexible packaging materials. The machinery that folds and closes the wrapping materials protruding from the end is called folding wrapping machine. The folding wrapping machine generally places the materials on the packaging materials first, and then folds each side in order. In the folding process, according to the process requirements, some are glued before the last folding, some are ironed by electric heating, and some are formed only by the stress and deformation of packaging materials. Folding wrapping machine is widely used and has beautiful packaging appearance. There are many folding wrapping forms, so there are many wrapping methods and wrapping equipment
1. Turret folding wrapping machine
turret folding wrapping machine is mainly composed of packaging material feeding device, packaging material feeding device, rotating mechanism, etc. The packages or packages are stacked in the guide groove of the loading device and pushed out by the chain feeding device, and the rest of the packages are filled to the empty position under the action of self weight; After the forward package meets the cut packaging material, under the action of the front baffle, the packaging material is wrapped in a frame on the three planes of the package and sent to the rotary box of the turret together, and one corner of the two end faces is folded at the same time; The turret is driven by an intermittent mechanism, and every 45 degrees is an action cycle. When the turret rotates to the 90 degree vertical position for intermittent pause, the folding of the long side opening is completed by two folding claws, where it can also be pre heated and shaped; When the turret rotates to 135 degrees, heat seal and complete the folding and overlapping of the long side; When the turret is turned to 180 degrees, the turret stops again. At this time, the packaging has turned around, and the two unloading rods unload it from the turret and push it forward by the discharge propulsion device; When reaching the end face folding device, first fold the other short corner edge of the two end faces. With the advance of the package, the upper edge of the end face is folded, and then the lower edge is also folded; Then it is heat sealed on the side, turned and stacked, and finally sent out by the conveyor belt to complete the whole wrapping process
the rotating mechanism of the turret is mainly composed of rotating body, 8 fixed seats and 8 rotating boxes. There are spaces in the middle and both ends of the rotary box. The middle space is used for the chain propeller to push the package, and the spaces at both ends are left for the unloading rod as the unloading channel. The two locating pins are used for positioning the package into the rotary box, so that the long side of the package is exposed to the outside of the rotary box for folding and heat sealing
the structure of the turret mechanism and the material of the package determine the packaging speed of the whole wrapping machine. Due to intermittent rotation, the acceleration and centrifugal force are large during rotation. If the centrifugal force on the package is greater than the friction force of the rotary box on the package, the package will be thrown out. The centrifugal force and friction force of packaging materials with different quality are different. For cigarettes, which are light and elastic, the friction force of the rotary box is large, the centrifugal force is small, and the packaging speed can be improved. For heavy items such as magnetic tape, its shell is hard and less elastic, and it will suffer less friction. The centrifugal force will be greater, and it will be thrown out at a higher speed. It may get stuck, damage the package and some parts, and its packaging speed is much lower than that of cigarettes. When the overall dimension of the package changes greatly, the rotary box on the rotary tower shall be replaced
2. Linear folding wrapping machine
in the linear folding wrapping process, first take out the single corrugated cardboard box pieces or ordinary thick cardboard pieces with pressing lines and corners stacked on the cardboard shelf one by one and fold them into a right angle, and then push the stacked products arranged according to certain requirements to the designated position of the wrapping box pieces with a push plate, Then make the box and wrap it according to the pressure line on the box piece, and send it out after gluing and sealing
the above two use different packaging materials and sealing methods. The former uses roll film or single film to heat seal and wrap the articles, while the latter uses corrugated board or ordinary thick board to glue and wrap the products
II. Seam wrapping machine
seam wrapping machine refers to a machine that wraps products with flexible packaging materials and seals the wrapping materials protruding from the end by hot pressing. The machine, also known as horizontal pillow packaging machine, can generally automatically complete the packaging of bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and finished product discharge. It is a kind of packaging machinery with the most extensive application, the highest degree of automation and the most complete series of varieties in packaging machinery
the seam wrapping machine can be applied to the packaging of general block, cylindrical regular articles and irregular special-shaped articles, and almost does not limit the volume and quality of the packaging. The appearance of finished products packaged by seam wrapping machine is shown in Figure 2. It is divided into: ordinary pillow shaped automatic packaging machine, angle folding pillow shaped automatic packaging machine, non edge sealing pillow shaped automatic packaging machine, upper film feeding pillow shaped automatic packaging machine, lower film feeding pillow shaped automatic packaging machine, etc.

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