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What are the characteristics of traditional packaging?

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What about modern packaging and post-modern packaging?

the complex is mainly luxury , and the pattern of process materials is much more convenient and practical

good packaging is the language of image, which can enable consumers to communicate directly face-to-face, enable people to correctly and quickly remember the corporate image effectively and deeply, and enable consumers to fall in love with your products. Each packaging should also have its “personality” and characteristics to find a suitable product


the substrate of general printing is mainly flat paper, while in packaging printing, in addition to these cardboard and packaging paper, it also includes plastic, glass, ceramics, metal and other utensils

the embodiment of the socialization of printing technology is packaging printing, which has certain commodity attributes. In addition to some traditional flat concave convex printing technology applications, it also has its own production characteristics, that is, the so-called special printing technology

packaging type

I. packaging of combined gift box

combination packaging is mainly used for gift box packaging. This kind of packaging has both packaging and packaging. Its characteristics are precious, but the cost is very high

II. Windowed carton packaging

this form of packaging is usually used for toys, food and other products. The feature of this structure is that it can make consumers understand the product and increase the credibility of the product. It is usually supplemented by opening some windows with transparent materials

III. deformed carton packaging

deformation box printing pursues the interest and variability of structure. It is often suitable for lively products such as snacks, candy and toys. This structure is more complex and handmade, but the display effect is very good. Of course, the price is proportional

IV. portable carton packaging

this kind of carton is often used in gift box packaging, which is easy to carry. However, attention should be paid to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equal, so as to avoid damage to consumers in the process of use

v. socket carton packaging

this is a commonly used carton form with simple shape, simple process and low cost. This structure is often used in common wholesale packaging forms

VI. drawer carton packaging

similar to drawers, the cover shape and packaging form of the box are softened by two sheets of paper, with firm structure and easy to use for many times. Common are oral liquid packaging, loading and unloading chocolate, etc

as far as I know, the main purpose of traditional packaging is convenience, while modern and post-modern are slowly pursuing simplicity, art, low material cost, environmental protection, etc. on this basis, the most important thing is characteristics

traditional packaging is actually convenient to carry.

traditional packaging is actually convenient to carry. Today’s packaging, you see, is more expensive than real goods. A big moon cake box contains two small moon cakes, next to tea and red wine. You know what I mean. Tying, luxury, waste, expensive. It’s a pity to eat too little and throw it away. In the end, it’s sent by one person, transferred and then transferred, and several families receive gifts. Dramatically back to the master.

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