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What are the characteristics of the heaven and earth cover machine?

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with the continuous improvement of science and technology, our various advanced technologies have also followed, which has brought great help to the production of our products. Let’s say the heaven and earth cover forming machine, which is an indispensable machine in our life. It can greatly improve the efficiency of making cartons and the quality of products, It saves us a lot of unnecessary trouble
for the maintenance of the nozzle of the carton machine, if the nozzle is not used for a long time, it should be opened once a week. Open the air pressure, manually open the nozzle and spray a little glue, otherwise the nozzle will be blocked if it is not used for a long time. The nozzle seat guide rail of the manufacturer of the world cover carton machine shall be jacked up, wiped and filled with butter. The lead screw transmission parts shall be kept clean to prevent dust from jamming the sliding block. At the same time, good lubrication shall be maintained to maintain a longer service life. So how much do you know about the find out of the heaven and earth cover forming machine? Today, I’d like to introduce its advantages to you ō Ng gu242) understand and you will find more wonderful about it
the heaven and earth cover molding machine is the best equipment (SH è B è I) for making high-grade and high-quality heaven and earth cover cartons with high efficiency () (). In recent years, it has developed very rapidly. For example, many boxes such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes and jewelry boxes in our daily life need to be made with it, and exquisite boxes can be made according to different needs of customers, It has brought great help to the packaging of all kinds of products (proct), so what kind

1. Firstly, it has the function of automatic fault diagnosis and alarm
2. In addition, a vacuum fan is set under the conveyor belt to control that the glue coated paper will not deviate
3. In particular, the full-automatic flying of the morning paper to the conveying part is very fast
4. The carton forming part automatically collects the cartons to the forming part according to the carton conveying conditions above the conveyor belt
5 For the continuous operation of the carton forming part, the box feeding, edge wrapping and paper edge folding are completed at one time, which is very convenient
6. Secondly, its hot melt adhesive automatic circulation (continue), mixing and gluing system
7, and the hot melt adhesive paper belt automatic conveying and cutting device can complete the corner sticking operation of the four corners of the inner carton at one time
8. The glue coated paper and the cardboard inner box adopt deviation correction device for positioning and fitting
9. Finally, machines like ours adopt PLC control, photoelectric tracking system and touch screen man-machine interface to realize the automatic production process (Gu ò ch é ng) of cartons.

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