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What are the characteristics of self-supporting bag packaging

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the self-supporting packaging bag has the advantages of excellent sealing and strength of composite materials, not easy to crack and leak, light weight, less material consumption and convenient transportation. At the same time, the packaging material has high performance such as anti-static, anti ultraviolet, blocking oxygen and moisture, easy sealing and so on

self standing bags are resistant to chemical attack, shiny, partially transparent or translucent. Mostly good insulators

self supporting zipper bag is light and secure. It can be produced in large quantities and the price is cheap

the self-supporting zipper bag is multifunctional, practical, easy to color, and some high temperature


at present, self-supporting bags are fast and safe, and beautiful and generous. Safe and self-supporting packaging bag can ensure the transportation safety of our products during transportation and reduce the transportation risk

at the same time, the self-supporting packaging bag has high heat sealing fastness, pressure resistance and fall resistance. Even if it is accidentally dropped from a high place, it will not cause the bag body to crack and leak, which greatly improves the product safety.

brand image advantage packaging is usually the first impression of consumers on products, and the first impression is very important. For brand enterprises, packaging is usually the first line of defense to guard the banner of enterprise safety guards. At the same time, packaging also plays a role in improving brand image. An excellent packaging can help brand owners achieve unique packaging effects. To a certain extent, the packaging bag with zipper is a sharp tool to shape different packaging images and packaging functions. Compared with ordinary bag packaging Zipper bag packaging itself can bring novel visual effects and practical use effects. As long as the function of zipper is slightly highlighted in the product packaging, the products of brand owners can stand out from the products of the same type. This has been proved by the sales of many products packaged with zipper bags. In fact, today’s zipper bag technology is developing with each passing day. The application of some novel zipper technologies in FMCG products can bring new profit growth points to brand owners. For example, some advanced zipper bag technologies of Zip-Pak, the global leader in zipper bag technology, can realize more functions for many product packaging: manufacturers of children’s food can consider placing hygroscopic agent and Deoxidizer on the zipper instead of mixing with food in the packaging bag, which can avoid children’s accidental eating; If the product needs a strong smell experience, the brand can attach the smell to the zipper, so that consumers can smell the corresponding smell when they open the zipper; If the product has high requirements for anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting, it can also be realized by zipper technology. Laser holographic zipper technology with anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting functions can solve this problem well; In short, zipper technology has opened up a broader vision for us It makes packaging innovation full of surprise and fun. With the continuous progress of zipper technology, zipper bag products can well meet the development of FMCG industry and the demand for packaging.

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