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What are the benefits of bread

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bread is very commonly used in our daily life. Bread is rich in vitamins and starch, which can provide the energy we need for human activities. Bread can be used for many other purposes besides our food

bread can remove oil from our clothes. When we are eating, the clothes are accidentally stained with oil stains. We can take a piece of fresh bread and rub it gently where there are oil stains on the clothes. After a few minutes, the oil stains on the clothes will slowly become shallow and finally disappear. The reason why bread can remove oil stains on clothes is mainly because bread contains starch. After friction, the oil stains on clothes are absorbed by the starch in bread

if the wall of our home is accidentally dirty, at this time, we can cut a small piece of bread, roll the bread into small rolls, and rub it back and forth on the dirty wall. After several times of friction, the dirt on the wall will gradually reduce so that we can’t see it at last


when we eat bread, sometimes we can’t eat all our fresh bread. When we eat it next time, the bread will harden. At this time, we can cut the bread into small pieces, add different raw materials and bake it in the oven to make dry bread with various flavors

when we can’t eat all the fresh bread we buy, we can also put the bread in a windy place for natural air drying, and then make the air dried bread into bread bran and put it on the plate for standby. When we eat chicken, we can cut the chicken into thin strips, and then mix the bread bran with the chicken to make chicken fillet. Fried chicken fillet tastes very delicious

if we feed small goldfish at home, we can also feed small goldfish with leftover bread crumbs when the fish are hungry. However, when we feed the little goldfish, don’t feed too much at a time, otherwise, the little goldfish will be damaged

bread is very bad after hardening, and the hardened bread can also be used by us. After we use the refrigerator for a long time, there will be peculiar smell in the refrigerator. At this time, we can take out a piece of hardened bread, put it on the plate, and then put it in the refrigerator. The bread will absorb the peculiar smell and moisture in the refrigerator

when we draw, we sometimes use carbon brushes. We can also use bread to remove the traces of carbon brushes

giving children bread at dinner can make it easier for children to fall asleep at night. The reason is that during the digestion of bread, tryptophan will be retained during the metabolism of amino acids, and finally become pentameric tryptamine, which can promote the improvement of sleep. According to Jay Laporte, MD, of the American College of mental health, it has been found that some children with ADHD can calm down after eating sweet bread
bread is a fermented food made of wheat flour, with more than 10% protein, about 20% fat, 3% minerals and a variety of amino acids. And bread is soft and delicious. Often giving children or babies bread is good for their health and can supplement some essential elements of the body
bread is fermented by dough, which can decompose some complex substances such as starch into substances with simple structure and easy digestion. At the same time, a large number of honeycombs can be formed to store saliva during chewing, which expands the contact surface between various enzymes in the human digestive tract and bread and improves the digestion and absorption rate of bread. Children are easy to digest after eating, improve their intestines and stomach, and promote the absorption of other nutrients, which is very conducive to healthy diet.

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