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What are the advantages of moistening water in disposable packaging bags?

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1. It is easy to accumulate ash and water in the smart seat of the water dispenser
the bagged water is equipped with a special matching connector to prevent dust accumulation and ponding
2. The bucket is repeatedly recycled and used by healthy people and patients. If the water plant is not cleaned properly, it is easy to be indirectly infected
3. When using bagged water, you don’t have to worry like drinking bagged milk
4. The barreled water needs to be supplemented by non sterilized air (that is, when you drink water, bubbles will be generated in the bucket). The secondary pollution is serious. Over time, a layer of greasy bacterial film will be formed in the inner tank of the water dispenser
using bagged water through the principle of gravity, the water can be discharged without relying on air, which naturally avoids secondary pollution

bagged natural weak alkali water can give you 100% natural & amp; Health
5. Profiteers are everywhere. Most people can’t recognize the authenticity of bottled water, which makes some illegal vendors of counterfeit water profitable, and people become victims of money and health
the production process of bagged water is complex and fine, with high quality requirements and large investment in production equipment, making those counterfeiters unprofitable. Naturally, they don’t have to worry about drinking fake water
6. The specification of barreled water is 18.5 liters, which causes many ordinary families to drink a barrel of water for several weeks, resulting in the barreled water is not fresh and the bacteria exceed the standard
each bag of bagged water is only 7.5 liters. Generally, ordinary families can drink it in 4 ~ 5 days. They are no longer worried about exceeding the standard of bacteria
7. The volume of barreled water is too large, so it is inconvenient to replace it in time in case of weak force crowd
the bagged water is small in size and easy to replace. It can be replaced at any time by both men and women as long as they are adults and even the elderly. They can drink it without waiting
8. The quality of barreled water cannot be guaranteed due to the extensive use of return barrels (commonly known as black barrels)
bagged water is produced with composite PE film approved by the international health organization, which can be used in sequence and ensure the quality.

the disposable bags are relatively clean on the whole. Relatively speaking, there are many people who like them, which is very good.

bagged water is a new industry, which I learned from my friends not long ago Compared with barreled water, the main advantage is that there is no secondary pollution. We choose bottled water for drinking water safety. However, the biggest problem of bottled water now is secondary pollution. For example, when we install a whole bucket of bottled water on the water dispenser, the bucket of water is safe and hygienic, but when we drink half of it, there will be air in the bucket, which is recent in our house, How many families can ensure that the indoor air is absolutely safe and hygienic? Bagged water does not have this problem, because it is basically vacuum packaged. When water flows out, there will be no air, which avoids secondary pollution. Therefore, bagged water is bound to replace barreled water. As for the drinking mode of bagged water, I only know that it is put on the water dispenser


it adopts food grade packaging, which can keep fresh for a long time and isolate from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It can be used once and can be discarded after use, which is safe and hygienic.

the advantage of this one-time package with large water is that it is easy to carry?

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