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Views on environmental protection and energy conservation

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Views on environmental protection and energy conservation

— environmental protection refers to the use of modern environmental science theories, methods and technologies, the adoption of administrative, legal, economic, scientific and technological and other measures, the rational development and utilization of natural resources, the prevention and control of environmental pollution and damage, the comprehensive improvement of the environment, the protection of human health, and the promotion of coordinated and sustainable development of social economy and the environment. This concept defines the guiding theory, purpose, content and measures of environmental protection, especially the rational development and utilization of natural resources into environmental protection. This requires people to make rational use of natural resources, deeply understand and master the root causes and hazards of environmental pollution and ecological damage, protect the environment in a planned way, prevent the deterioration of environmental quality, control environmental pollution and ecological damage, protect human health, maintain ecological balance and ensure the sustainable development of human society
common sense of environmental protection
what is environmental protection law
environmental protection law, also known as environmental law in a broad sense, is a general term for legal norms regulating social relations arising from the development, utilization, protection and improvement of human environment. Its purpose is to coordinate the relationship between human and environment, protect human health and ensure the sustainable development of social economy. Its content mainly includes two aspects: one is the legal norms on the rational development and utilization of natural environmental elements to prevent environmental damage, and the other is the legal norms on the prevention and control of environmental pollution and other public hazards to improve the environment. It also includes legal norms for preventing natural disasters and mitigating the adverse effects of natural disasters on the environment. In addition to the general characteristics of law, environmental protection law also has the characteristics of comprehensiveness, science and technology, public welfare, world commonality, regional particularity and so on. The legal norms of environmental protection can be traced back to ancient countries three or four thousand years ago, but modern environmental law, as an independent legal department, appeared in the world in the 1960s and 1970s

China’s environmental protection law developed rapidly after the late 1970s. At present, a constitutional norm including environmental protection has been preliminarily formed. The system composed of the basic law of environmental protection, the separate law of environmental protection and the regulations and rules of environmental protection has become an independent legal department in the whole legal system of our country. The scope of China’s environmental protection law mainly includes environmental pollution prevention and control law, such as water pollution prevention and control law, air pollution prevention and control law, noise pollution prevention and control law, etc; Laws on the protection of natural environmental elements, such as forest law, water law, wildlife protection law, water and soil conservation law, etc; Cultural and environmental protection law, such as regulations on the protection of scenic spots, regulations on nature reserves, etc; Regulations on environmental management, supervision, monitoring and ensuring the implementation of laws, such as environmental monitoring management regulations and environmental protection management measures for construction projects. Interim Measures for reporting environmental pollution and damage accidents. Administrative punishment measures for environmental protection, etc

in addition, there are various environmental standards, including environmental basic standards and method standards, environmental quality standards and pollutant emission standards. With the development of environmental protection and the strengthening of environmental legal work, the content of China’s environmental protection law will continue to be enriched and improved


environmental protection is the biggest problem facing mankind in modern life To solve this problem, we must start from the foundation
first of all, we should publicize a lot to improve people’s awareness and awareness of environmental protection
secondly, waste should be recycled to reduce deforestation We should also strengthen the treatment of white pollution and use less plastic products
finally, we should improve the cleaning Make the city cleaner
for the future of the earth, we must work hard from now on to protect the environment Here we put forward the following suggestions:
implement garbage sorting and bagging This can not only reduce the workload of sanitation workers, but also better utilize waste, reduce pollution and save resources
when buying vegetables, use less plastic bags and try to use bamboo baskets
try to use the pen with replaceable core to reduce the waste and waste of ball point pen shell
try not to use disposable lunch boxes when eating out
sowing green is sowing hope for excess garbage and environmental problems. Garbage recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources. Garbage recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources (xiahai) Science in the bathroom
think of drinking pure water

nowadays, drinking water is becoming a trend Although the media has introduced the disadvantages of drinking water more than once, the “drinking water” group is still growing

drinking water is not only pure water, but also mineral water, distilled water and even space water The tap water we grew up drinking has become relatively “non – drinking water” We do not rule out that the current popularity of drinking water and speculation have played a certain role, but it reflects that the current water pollution is so serious that it is difficult to eat

it is reported that: “It is reported that according to the investigation of 798 cities and towns in China in 979, the daily sewage discharge of the country is 2.58 million tons for the country and the people, including 819 industrial wastewater and 199 domestic sewage. The investigation of 854 cities and towns in the National Congress in 1989 reached a daily discharge of 36.53 billion tons. An agreement was reached on 550 million tons of industrial wastewater. Most of these wastewater are discharged directly without treatment, polluting rivers, lakes and seas

In addition, there is an indisputable fact in front of every Shanghainese Huangpu River, the mother river in Shanghai, was a river with clear water quality and swarming fish and shrimp before the mid-1950s (1958). The water quality began to be polluted in 1962, and a 22 day black odor period began to appear in 1963. It rose to 29 days in 1988, accounting for about 2 /3 of the whole year. The river section with unqualified water quality accounted for 64.5km, accounting for 56.99% of the total length of 113.5km

the harm of water pollution is self-evident Water pollution and water quality deterioration have brought serious harm to human health, human life and production

water is an important material for human survival. Clean people can bring people verdant flowers, birds and flowers, quiet, comfortable, picturesque and beautiful environment, and bring people tranquility, pleasure and peace But today’s polluted water brings pain, terror and disaster to people In order to make life better, let the beautiful mountains and rivers stay in the world forever and let the clear water flow continuously, people have more and more clearly realized the importance of preventing water pollution
sowing green is sowing hope for excess garbage and environmental problems. Think of garbage recycling and resourc
e-based comprehensive utilization from drinking pure water. Garbage recycling and resource-based comprehensive utilization science in the bathroom
there are too many things to do to protect the environment. Of course, many things must be done by the state and government, such as controlling carbon dioxide emissions, banning the use of freon and so on. However, some things are related to each of us. How can we start from me and protect the environment? The following are what each of us should do:
first of all, we must abide by the regulations on the prohibition of littering all kinds of waste, and throw the waste into the designated place or container, especially do not throw the waste battery, because the heavy metal contained in a waste battery will cause serious pollution if it flows into clean water
secondly, in learning, we should try to save stationery and eliminate waste. For example, pencils are made of wood. Wasting pencils is equivalent to destroying the forest
third, we should avoid using disposable beverage cups, foam lunch boxes, plastic bags and disposable chopsticks as much as possible, replacing ceramic cups, paper lunch boxes, cloth bags and ordinary bamboo chopsticks, so that the garbage can be greatly reduced. Br> Fourth, although bubble gum is a favorite candy for children and a food beneficial to human health, don’t throw the chewed gum base randomly, because it will stick everywhere. When eating, you can put away its wrapping paper to wrap the spit out glue base, and then throw it into the waste box
fifth, don’t kill wild animals at will, especially don’t eat frogs, a good friend of mankind, because a frog can eat about 15000 insects in a year, mainly pests
sixth, we should take good care of flowers, plants and trees, not destroy urban greening, and actively participate in greening and tree planting activities
seventh, when leaving the room, turn off the light and unplug the electrical plugs of TV, stereo, computer, etc
eighth, even in the coldest places, it is not necessary to make the room temperature exceed 18 ℃. If you feel cold, you can wear more clothes
ninth, try to replace ordinary bulbs with energy-saving lamps. Although its price is relatively expensive, its power consumption is only a small part of that of ordinary bulbs
tenth, use closed containers instead of plastic packaging to store food
eleventh, when purchasing beverages, try to choose canned beverages that can be recycled
twelfth, please bring your own shopping bags to shopping to avoid using non recyclable and non decomposable plastic bags
thirteenth, save water. Please turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
fourteenth, gardeners should apply organic
fertilizers, such as mixed fertilizer and manure, and avoid
using pesticides and herbicides, because they will penetrate into the soil and endanger the water source
fifteenth, slow down when driving, so as to reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions
sixteenth, try to walk instead of riding or cycling
no matter in the past, present or future, family, country or the world, the environment is always our friend. Being kind to friends is to be kind to ourselves.

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