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Vacuum packaging method for food

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hehe, it’s impossible. It’s OK to keep it at home for three days, not to mention after vacuum packaging
let me give you an analysis
1 Quality of vacuum packaging machine, vacuum pump, vacuum degree is air pressure, and whether the seal is intact,
2 Whether the packaging bag is a vacuum packaging bag, and how about the overall quality of the bag, not if it has good air permeability
3 Sterilization is the best. (but now pickles seem to sell very fast. It won’t take so long)
I’m a packaging equipment to see if it’s suitable for you
Add: I found a box type microwave sterilization, which can sterilize 200kg in 8 hours, yq2g-01, Yongqing in Nanjing

in this case, check whether your bag is a vacuum bag. Generally, the bag leaks in three days. You need to customize the bag and it is a vacuum bag, so you can spend about 90 days in winter without any preservative. Thank you. If your bag is a vacuum bag, you should also increase the vacuum bag

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