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Toothpaste questionnaire

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gender: female
age: 21-25

Occupation: white collar
income: 1000-3000 yuan

B. questionnaire content
1 What brand of toothpaste do you usually buy? (multiple choices are allowed)
B. Colgate

2 What are the main factors affecting your purchase of this product? (multiple choices are allowed)
F. high popularity


3 How often do you change your toothpaste
C. three months

4 What factors do you like the packaging of this product? (multiple choices are allowed)
F. others

5 What do you think of the idea of designing toothpaste into exquisite packaging and giving it to relatives and friends as a gift
D. bad

6 What color do you think is suitable for the outer packing box of toothpaste? (multiple choices are allowed)
e doesn’t matter

7 If you pack the toothpaste box into translucent and perspective, you feel:
D. very exquisite

8 Do you want the packing box fully closed
B. hope

9 There are many toothpaste brands on the market now. Can you list one product brand that you think is the most profound on the packaging and your dissatisfaction with the current toothpaste packaging:
I think Colgate Crest’s packaging is very good-looking I don’t care if I’m not satisfied Packaging is not the most important thing for me. It’s good to use

10 yuan for female students aged 11 ~ 15
1 a b d f
2. f
3. e
4. d
5. d
6. a
7. a
8. c
9. Colgate’s translucent packaging is good, and it’s better to be completely transparent, otherwise you don’t know what’s stolen inside.


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