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Those express companies provide cartons when receiving

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cartons are usually available. They can provide you with suitable cartons or packaging when you take the goods. Shentong, Yuantong and post can basically be provided by express company sites, except for too small temporary sub stations, which don’t have to worry too much. What’s more, has no extra charge for the bags, but the general price of the carton will be charged to you. The cost has the final say of the express stations. There is no specific standard. Of course, a few express companies are very stupid. They have to use special cartons for packaging. Obviously, the cartons they have wrapped have to be disassembled and used, or set up another one. Fortunately, they can charge more money on the packaging cartons or in the express fee. When I went to a small post office of the post office to deliver goods, I was so cheated that after such forced packaging, I still threatened not to write or deliver goods. I had to indicate on the list that I was responsible for the damage of the object in the process of express transportation~~~~ (>_<)~~~~ It is recommended to pack by yourself as much as possible. Shentong and other ordinary express companies generally do not force the provision of cartons. Although self packaging is a little troublesome, it saves money and worry. Fragile items are at least strictly packed by themselves, which will be more reassuring. However, remember to use more bubble wrap and fillings when packaging fragile or precious and exquisite items. If they are damaged during transportation, some may not pay a few dollars or even some will not pay. Ordinary express delivery can’t pay much even if it is compensated at the highest price.

express delivery will be provided (except for EMS boxes, other express delivery will not charge). When you call them to pick up the pieces, tell them that you need to provide boxes for packing, and they will bring them when they come

General express companies have special cartons


Hello, general express companies have special cartons (for example, express, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yuantong), etc., but some may charge a little packaging fee. It’s best to inquire by telephone.

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