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There are different packages of capsules, tablets and dispersible tablets in drugs. What is the difference between them?

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there are three purposes of drug capsules. One is to cover up the bad smell and odor of some drugs and eliminate the unpleasant experience of patients when taking them. Second, some drugs do not need to be dissolved in the stomach but must be dissolved in the intestine, so they are made into enteric coated capsules to ensure the full dissolution of drug efficacy. Third, it is to make the drugs neat and beautiful, so that the patients will not have a sense of disgust and enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.
Tablet refers to the preparation of drugs and appropriate excipients into flakes or special-shaped flakes through preparation technology. Mainly for oral application. The appearance of the tablet is complete, smooth and uniform in color; It should have appropriate hardness for smooth administration.
In addition, in order to enhance the efficacy, take it smoothly. All drugs with unpleasant odor and taste, irritation, easy deliquescence or easy deterioration in light can be coated with sugar or film after being made into tablets. For some drugs that are easy to be damaged by gastric juice or need to be released in the intestine, they should be coated with enteric coating after being made into tablets. In order to reduce the toxic and side effects of some drugs, or to delay the action of some drugs, or to enable the targeted release of some drugs, tablets can be prepared to control the dissolution rate of drugs through appropriate preparation technology. In order to meet the needs of local vaginal medication, vaginal tablets can be made. Some drugs can also be made into effervescent tablets as needed.
Because the dispersible tablets disintegrate rapidly into uniform suspension in water, it has attracted more and more attention because of its convenient administration, fast absorption and high bioavailability.

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