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The reason why the heating strip of the vacuum packaging machine does not heat is good, and the circuit inspection is good

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it is estimated that it is the fault of the heating strip. Because the heating strip is a vulnerable part, it should be eliminated first in case of fault. Qingdao Aixun vacuum packaging machine not only pays attention to the manufacturing process of the whole machine, but also pays attention to the quality in the procurement of vulnerable parts such as heating strips, so as to prolong the service life of vulnerable parts and reduce the additional payment of enterprises.

the main control part is damaged or the heating part is damaged

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: the heating strip is broken (pay attention to the inside of both ends) Solution: replace the heating strip fault reason 2: the fuse is broken solution: replace the fuse fault reason 3: the heating circuit is short circuited solution: find the short circuit and repair the fault reason 4: the heating transformer is broken or burned solution: connect the wire or replace the transformer fault reason 5: the internal wiring is in poor contact or falls off solution: find the cause and repair the fault Reason 6: about 5cm behind the upper cover, Solution to broken heating wire: repair or replace the fault reason 7: the fuse of control heating is broken. Solution: replace the fuse fault reason 8: poor contact of wave break switch solution: replace the band switch fault reason 9: the intermediate relay does not work solution: replace the relay fault reason 10: poor contact of time relay solution: repair or replace the fault reason 11: Solution to loose or falling off of internal wire head: repair the fault after finding out cause 12: short circuit caused by bag pressing strip when heating copper block. Solution: reinstall the pressing strip. The above is the reason why the vacuum packaging machine does not heat and the treatment method. If you have similar problems, you can solve them by comparison 

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