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The difference between Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola packaging

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It mainly refers to the difference between packaging and decoration design

a main blue tone and a main red tone

the world-famous “Pepsi” (Pepsi Cola) has changed and strengthened its brand image several times with the help of packaging renewal, so as to enhance and consolidate its market position
Pepsi Cola, originally known as “Brad beverage”, was born 12 years later than Coca Cola. For this reason, in the 1920s and 1930s, Pepsi Cola company prepared to sell itself to Coca Cola company three times, but all of them were rejected by Coca Cola company. Shortly after that, when gutz (president of PepsiCo to gongheng) was at a loss, an idea changed the fate of PepsiCo, that is to update the packaging. PepsiCo’s first bottling plant was eight years later than Coca Cola, but the volume of its packaging bottle was the same as that of Coca Cola, both of which were 6 ounces. At that time, all drinks were packaged in bottles of the same volume. If Pepsi Cola can be sold in 12 Ounce Bottles, it will be welcomed by consumers. In order to reduce packaging costs, gutz sells its Pepsi Cola in recycled beer bottles. This brand packaging renewal strategy, supported by the advertisement of “Pepsi Cola, loyal partner, double the number, and the price is still 5 points”, has received a very good sales effect, making Pepsi Cola come to a dead end. The profit was 2 million yuan in 1936 and 4.2 million yuan in 1937. In the mid-1990s, in order to challenge the market leader “red” Coca Cola again, PepsiCo decided to give up the three color packaging colors of red, white and blue, which represent the visual image of Pepsi Cola, and change the packaging color: unified to “blue”. In April 1996, PepsiCo painted a supersonic Concorde jet with a blue PepsiCo (PSI) logo at twick airport in southern England. Taking this as a starting point (before that, it had made a preliminary test in a small shopping area in Bahrain), PepsiCo changed PepsiCo trucks, refrigerated trucks and bottles and cans in more than 20 overseas countries into blue. In order to make the blue packaging strategy effective, PepsiCo decided to launch a strong publicity offensive, and even wanted to send a blue Pepsi flag to Russia’s “peace” space station. The unified change of Pepsi Cola into “blue” new packaging has further deepened consumers’ visual recognition of Pepsi Cola and laid a very important foundation for breaking through the long-term “red” (Coca Cola) encirclement of consumers’ vision and mind.

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