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Technical parameters of automatic filling machine

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the full-automatic filling machine adopts the flowmeter metering filling principle and has multiple certifications. It is suitable for the filling of pumpkin seed oil, hazelnut oil, peony seed oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, camellia oil, flaxseed oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil, soybean oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and other edible oils of various specifications (1-5 liters). The equipment adopts high-precision rotary encoder to ensure the filling accuracy of 1% O. while ensuring the filling accuracy, it improves the filling speed by 20% – 35%. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, labor cost saving and higher production efficiency

technical parameters of automatic filling machine:

filling capacity: 1l-5l


filling speed: 3000 bottles /hour (5L)

filling accuracy: ± 0.1%

current: 3A

power supply: 380V 50 /60Hz

Power: 2.5kW

air pressure: 0.5-0.7mpa

equipment size: 2450 * 1750 * 2400 (mm) (reference size)

filling speed: 30 ~ 60 bottles /min
filling accuracy ≤± 1%
rated voltage: 220V /50Hz
current 3A
power supply 220 /110V 50 /60Hz
complete machine power: 300W
air pressure: 4 ~ 6kg
overall size: 1700 × six hundred × 1150 (mm) (L) × wide × High)
optional models 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 250-2500ml

automatic filling machines are divided into liquid automatic filling machines and powder automatic filling machines; The liquid automatic filling machine is divided into low-dose liquid automatic filling machine and high-dose liquid automatic filling machine.
your question range is too wide. Let me answer you with the low-dose liquid automatic filling machine:
the technical parameters of the low-dose liquid automatic filling machine include: filling range, filling speed, filling accuracy, filling air source, filling power supply, filling error Filling power, equipment size, equipment weight, equipment number, equipment price, equipment origin, etc

it depends on what kind of material your material is. The viscosity of the material is different, so the product parameters will be different and the filling speed will be different. If there is a specific character material, it will provide you with more parameters. If you want to know more, you can consult Changchun North filling machine, which has been doing filling machine for 20 years, and can give you a satisfactory answer.

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