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Packing belt for semi automata and packing belt for full automata

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“expert gatekeeper”. There are great differences between the two kinds of packing belts
the first is the difference in material. The difference between recycled material and filler and pure granular raw material
the second is the difference in lifting force, which is not a little different; In other words, if the semi-automatic packing belt bears the tension of 40kg, the brand-new material can bear 180-200kg
then there is a big difference in price, but there is a big difference. It is almost the same in terms of weight, but it is more obvious in terms of the length of a single roll, less than 1000m and 3000m
provided by Qingdao ZHENGBO Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

if the packing belt produced with pure PP raw materials has good hardness and straightness and large tensile force, although the thickness is only 0.6mm, it is applicable to unmanned /automatic /automatic packers, so there is no difference between full-automatic and semi-automatic belts. The pure material belt has low cost per meter and little wear to the machine. If it is a packing belt produced from recycled materials, it is generally used for semi-automatic packer. If it is used by automatic machine, the thickness of the belt needs to be increased to meet the high requirements of the machine. We only make pure material packing belts. Qingdao Songli packaging equipment Co., Ltd. 0532-86672126

the semi-automatic packer does not have high requirements for the packing belt, and the general belt can be used. However, if the belt is too thin, the wear of the machine will be relatively large, and the vulnerable parts of several parts may be replaced more frequently
automatic packers have high requirements for belts. Generally, ordinary packing belts cannot be made automatically. It is best to use the belts well. The belts should have strong toughness and enough hardness! A very simple way is to take the head of the belt, lengthen it, and try to straighten the belt as much as possible to see whether the belt is hard and straight enough!

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