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Our company mainly makes paper, pearl cotton, foam packaging, what kind of network promotion to do?

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first, I don’t know the specific name of your company, address
second, I don’t know whether your company’s business is for the whole country, or is it just a regional
, so it is not easy to give specific network promotion plan.
I checked the paper holder, pearl cotton, foam, and the key words of packing class. The optimization difficulty of these keywords is not very difficult. You can try it
network promotion is actually a very detailed work. You should know yourself and the enemy first, but you give too little information to make a specific promotion plan for you
plus a good plan takes time and energy, so it is impossible to give you too many opinions without any reward
if you believe that online promotion can open up the market for you, please pay more attention to online promotion. It’s hard to say whether something you get for free is good or bad… If you are reluctant to pay, how can you get back?

first of all, you should build your own website, which is the most basic for network promotion. You should also put advertisements according to the market and consumer groups for your products
advertise on the websites that your potential customers often visit to enhance the exposure of products and companies
at present, there are better platforms for domestic network promotion, such as Baidu promotion, Alibaba (foreign trade and domestic trade are relatively mature), Huicong (mainly the southern generation), professional industry websites, social SNS marketing, soft text promotion, microblog marketing and many other platforms
of course, it is necessary to invest according to the company’s advertising budget and spend money on the blade. Advertising is very expensive
among the platforms I mentioned above, the first three are your first choice, and professional product industry websites are also your first choice. You can spend more time learning about them

specializing in the production of customized pearl cotton round pipe bar, edge and corner protection, U-groove PE plastic bag, etc

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