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Mechanical packing belt

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do you want to buy belts and machines for packing? Generally speaking, PP packing belt is more suitable for beating lighter objects, and PET plastic steel belt is more suitable for beating heavier objects. Now it is generally popular to use thermal bonding, which has a greater tensile force than the iron mouth and is not easy to loose the package
the amount is small. It’s better to use iron buckles for short-term use. It’s more cost-effective
for large quantity and long-term use, it is more cost-effective to pack with thermal bonding machine (iron buckle is a long-term cost investment, which can be saved by thermal machine packaging). For details, please call
Shanghai Baoting Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.: 021-66081950, Mr. Zhou

the mechanical packing belt is generally PP packing belt. If you need high-strength tensile force and pet, it is mainly used for binding packages. For mechanical use, you need to have a packer.
the packing buckle is used to fasten the packing belt after it is tightened so that it can be bound firmly. According to your description, I estimate that you need a set of manual packer, Manual packing buckle and manual packing belt. The price of a set of manual packing machine is about 80-160
, manual packing buckle is 10-20 yuan per kilogram, and manual packing belt is 4-15 yuan per kilogram. If you can’t find it, you can search the Internet for “packing belt”

there are also many heavy packing belts, which should be determined according to the weight of your packer and the packed items. Weihua company specializes in the production of packaging materials, which are environmentally friendly, light in proportion, long in length, strong in tension, bright in color and good in adhesion, so as to ensure that the packaging of your products is firm and does not fall off. Through the ROHS environmental protection confirmation requirements, the packing buckle is used to fasten the two packing heads, Portable electric strapping machine, free of iron buckle. Shenzhen Weihua Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome to inquire 0755-29729865

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