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Is there a wireless charger in the original packing box of Samsung w2017?

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Samsung w2017 supports wireless charging function and needs to purchase a wireless charging base separately.

Samsung w2017 supports the wireless charging function, and the wireless charging base needs to be purchased separately

usage: connect the charger to the wireless charging base, then install the back shell of the wireless battery on the mobile phone, and finally place the mobile phone on the wireless charging base normally

Wireless charger refers to the charger that does not use the traditional charging power line to connect to the terminal equipment that needs charging. It adopts the latest wireless charging technology. Through the use of the magnetic field generated between coils and the magical transmission of electric energy, inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment. The wireless charging system mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction and realizes energy transmission through coil energy coupling


If Samsung doesn’t have a built-in wireless charger receiving chip, it can sell a wireless charger receiving chip and wireless charger from Yixin Chuangyan

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