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Is there a simple vacuum packaging method

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I’d like some cooked food Let it go for a while; Who knows how to make food Like vacuum packaging, it can be kept for a period of time; No deterioration; Stale The easiest way?

all cooked foods have only a few days of fresh-keeping period, and will deteriorate after a long time. Even if they are kept in the refrigerator for a long time, it is not allowed, because the refrigerator is not a safe, and the refrigerator can only alleviate the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, if you want to keep the cooked food fresh for a long time, you can only take it out and heat it completely every three to five days, Another is to vacuum package the food
I hope to adopt it

the simplest way is to buy a vacuum sealing machine. There are some hardware stores on Taobao. They sell about 200 yuan each. It’s easy to use. I have one at home

go to Baidu app to view

 Hello, dear, do the following 

 first, determine the attributes of the items that need vacuum packaging

 because the difference between dry and wet matter lies in whether there is juice. For example, coarse grains are dry matter. When vacuumizing, try to clean the air. Kimchi and the like are wet things. When vacuumizing, you need to keep the juice as much as possible, so as not to affect the flavor of the food. The principle of wet matter vacuum pumping is that when water vapor contacts the machine, the machine will stop vacuum and seal automatically

 operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging: 

 power on 

 put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, and put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber 

 turn left | turn right 

 the food should not exceed three-quarters of the bag and smooth the mouth of the bag 

4.  Close the cover 

5. Lock the latch 

6. Select "dry" 

7. Click "vacuum sealing" 

8.  Auto jump to "seal" 

9.  Open knob latch 

10. Open the lid and complete 

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