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Is the coupling available for packaging machinery and equipment? thank you

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packaging machinery and equipment are useful for couplings. Some packaging machines are useful for couplings. Sometimes the same model is not available, and some are not. This may be useful, such as horizontal packaging machine, pillow packaging machine and vertical packaging machine. It depends on what kind of coupling you do, Several couplings are more or less used on mechanical equipment. The

coupling of Botou Wansheng coupling Co., Ltd. belongs to the category of general mechanical parts. It is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms to rotate together to transmit torque. In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the functions of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. The coupling is composed of two parts, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft. The general power machine is mostly connected with the working machine by means of coupling, which is a common connecting part of shaft transmission of mechanical products. The coupling products at home and abroad developed rapidly in the late 20th century. How to select the coupling that can meet the machine requirements from a variety of couplings with different performances in product design is always a troubled problem for most designers. Common couplings include diaphragm coupling, gear coupling, plum blossom coupling, slider coupling, drum gear coupling, universal coupling, safety coupling, elastic coupling and serpentine spring coupling. Botou Wansheng coupling Co., Ltd.

yb95 strip box transparent paper packaging machine is one of the components of ZB45 packaging unit. During its operation, the power input coupling will wear after working for a period of time. Repairing and replacing the coupling requires dismantling a series of parts such as the transmission shaft, which takes a long time. In view of this problem, this paper analyzes the principle of coupling connecting the main transmission shaft components, and finds out that the coupling connecting the transmission shaft is due to design reasons, which makes it difficult to remove the coupling quickly after wear and maintenance, and the working efficiency is low. By designing a flange connecting device for the connecting part between the universal coupling and the transmission shaft of yb955 outer transparent paper packaging machine, the problems of long disassembly time and low work efficiency can be solved


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