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Is the automatic bagging machine worth investing in enterprises?

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if you make an investment analysis, you will know whether it is worth it. Before the equipment is used: one packaging line requires two workers, two shifts a day, calculated according to the average monthly salary of 3500 yuan, and the annual salary to be paid to employees is 3500 * 2 * 2 * 12 = 168000 yuan. In addition, other costs such as employee training, management, welfare and insurance are not included. After using the equipment: replace
manual bagging and manual labeling; Eliminate employee salary payment and employee management expenses; The more production lines, the greater the return on investment. According to the calculation of 5 years, the investment cost of 3 equipment can be recovered within one year. If you don’t think so, you can actually come to Shenzhen Zhongyu to investigate the equipment.

if the enterprise has a large output, it is certainly worth investing, which can save a lot of labor. Guangzhou henger’s automatic bag loading machine has high cost performance. You can understand it

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